Private residence at Posillipo with a view of Vesuvius



Salvatori natural stone and textures lend elegance and design flair to a private villa on the Gulf of Naples

Salvatori style for a villa with views of Vesuvius

Nestled high above the Gulf of Naples is a villa where the beauty of the view competes with the interior décor. Looking out over the Tyrrhenian Seas towards the might of Mount Vesuvius, this private residence seamlessly brings the natural landscape indoors through the artful use of Salvatori natural stone. We speak with IRACI Architects about their project and experience bringing their vision to fruition.


Can you tell us a little about the Posillipo project?

For this residential project which is a 280-square metre private residence in Posillipo on the Gulf of Naples, we asked Salvatori to supply materials for the floors, walls and other surfaces, some accessories and their support during the installation phase.

The incredible beauty of the location was our inspiration and we wanted to bring the sensations the landscape evoked into the home itself. The colour palette allowed us to create a wonderful continuity between indoors and outdoors. We chose the combination of an Italian walnut and white Carrara marble, two extremely Italian tradition-rich materials. The warmth of the wood plays with the dazzling silvery veins of the marble, bringing to mind reflections on the waves.


The surface textures that are such a hallmark of Salvatori created a harmony between materials. We chose Stone Parquet, batons of Bianco Carrara all cut to the same size, to flow across the entire floor and create a harmonious delineation of the various environments, differentiating the living area, sleeping zone and terrace. On the walls we chose a series of different textures, resulting in a dynamic effect. For example, in the dining room, we have Tratti with inserts in black metal, while in the showers, not only the walls, but also the ceiling is in Romboo.

We also added Salvatori accessories for an extra touch, including two Farfalla pendant lights which interact delicately with the aesthetic of the space.


How is the world of real estate changing?

You could say that the residential market is going in two polar directions. We work on projects that range from mini-complexes, which can sometimes be quite small and relatively low-cost, right through to vast villas with a value per square metre that is definitely far beyond the norm.


Why did you choose Salvatori?

We have been using Salvatori products for quite some time and we appreciate their experience and know-how in interpreting a historic material like natural stone with a modern and contemporary vision.

The unique design of Salvatori products and the way their understated textures marry with the elegance of natural stone fit perfectly with our style and approach.

What’s more, Salvatori produce with industrial speed and precision, but the output is a high-quality artisanal product. This combination, which is one of Salvatori’s characteristics, is ideal for the tight deadlines we have to work to, but there’s no compromise from the quality and technique point of view.

With Salvatori we are able to really make the most of our creativity and evolve alongside their products and in line with our principles when it comes to architecture.


How was the experience of working with Salvatori?

Working with Salvatori is always easy. We’ve worked with other for a long time, both with the company itself and the agents in our zone and we’ve never encountered any difficulty.

Our proposals and designs are always subject to budget scrutiny on the part of our clients who, of course, will decide whether or not a proposal is feasible, but when it is a question of a high-quality, tasteful product, such as those by Salvatori, we pretty much always receive the green light.


During the project, where there any critical phases? If yes, how did you manage them?

We experienced no problems. We established a modus operandi with Salvatori that meant things went smoothly. We always thoroughly study our designs then send our requests through to the company. Some times a product needs to be customised, other times we simply choose from the vast selection of stones and textures offered.

Salvatori always supplies the material on time, and they are extremely professional, but retain those special characteristics of a family company. The work goes ahead with no problems, on time, allowing each phase to proceed as it should.


What do you appreciate most about working with Salvatori?

We absolutely appreciate Salvatori’s availability. They always do whatever they can for the client and the architects, designers and contractors they work with. They deliver quality solutions of the highest class that are perfect for what we do.


Would you work with Salvatori on future projects?

We’re already doing so. We are working on new projects together, some of which are more involved, including standalone villas where Salvatori products will be used throughout. Our partnership is a lasting one.

We have decades of experience in creating environments that touch the hearts and minds of people. Spaces in which materials and creative flair come to together in harmony with the surroundings. If you would like to find out how we work with architects and designers to bring extraordinary designs to life, visit the projects section of our website or contact us to start a conversation.

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