7 ways Salvatori simplifies installation and construction



Salvatori: a profound and enduring knowledge of natural stone

You’ve agreed designs with your client, selected the materials, had the budget approved, and now you’ve reached the phase of the project where it’s time to transform your creative vision into reality. However, while it may seem the most straightforward stage, it is also one of the most critical ones as a badly implemented installation can be costly and difficult to reverse.

We believe that if a client has selected our quality materials, it’s important that they are enjoyed for years as we intended them to be, which is why we offer a range of tools and services to help ensure this happens.


The importance of coordinated, efficient installation

The frame and roof are in place, wiring and plumbing under control and most of the behind-the-scenes elements are in place. Now the moment has arrived to add the finishing touches which create the final aesthetic. There are no places to hide so it is critical that everything is executed to perfection.

In this article, when we refer to installation, we mean elements such as flooring, wall coverings, built-in furniture and items such as showers, kitchen and bathroom units and cabinetry. In particular, we talk about laying tiles which is an operation that requires a meticulous level of attention to detail.

Generally at this point of any project, whether it is a new-build, a renovation or even a less dramatic makeover, there will be a number of players involved and a timing sequence to be followed by each, so it is even more critical to avoid problems that could create delays for the entire project.


A wide range of installation tools and support services

Like many companies, we have developed a comprehensive range of tools and support services to ensure laying or installing our products is as simple and stress-free as possible. Correct installation also means that a product will be easy to use and will last longer.

Salvatori offers 7 such solutions:

  • Installation guides in video and written form
  • Plug&Play technology
  • Packaging solutions divided by space rather than product
  • Layout guides
  • Out-of-the-box solutions
  • On-site assistance
  • Centuries of experience in working with natural stone

We take a look in more detail at how each of these helps make installation and laying easier.


Installation guides in video and written form

All our products come with detailed installation instructions which can be downloaded from our website.

They say the devil is in the detail, and that is something we are almost obsessive about, not only with our products but also our installation guides. We provide step-by-step details and a host of useful information regarding topics such as pretreatment, lighting, cleaning products and even the colour grout to use where that is relevant.

We currently have over 20 videos and we are constantly developing new ones, with the goal of providing our clients with all the information required to understand and get the most out of our products.


Plug&Play technology

For every product we develop, we think carefully about how we can simplify its installation and as such, we invest considerable time and effort in researching techniques and technology to reduce the work of whoever will lay or install it.

For example, our shower trays and most of our wash basins are designed to reduce the number of tradespeople required, meaning you don’t need to coordinate builders, plumbers and stone cutters. This makes for a more efficient, cost-effective, faster and less stressful experience for all. We also include all the elements you need, such as drilling templates and even the correct drill bit. These may seem small things, but they help avoid potential errors and delays.


Packaging solutions divided by space rather than product

Our packaging solutions are developed in line with the requirements of each project so that when it arrives on site, it is already sorted. For example, if a project involves a number of different spaces, such as an apartment complex or hotel, we package our products by space so that when it arrives there is no need to divide everything up and work out which product goes where. We label every crate or package clearly and provide instructions and, importantly, we choose our tiles carefully to ensure every package contains pieces with a uniform tonality and veining.

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