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The Village | House of Stone

by John Pawson



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The Village | House of Stone

Natural materials are exactly that: natural, and as such no two pieces will be identical. Please bear this in mind when looking at the indicative images in this gallery.

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House of Stone, designed by John Pawson for The Village, is a delightfully pared-back expression of the concept of home as a special haven

The starting point for The Village collection of sculptures is an exploration of the concept of home as more than a physical structure, but a kind of haven, an idea that became evident during the tumultuous months of 2020 when we found ourselves spending more time among our four walls than ever before.

A miniature version of home, representing an ideal that is unique to each of us, but at the same time, fundamentally the same no matter where we are in the world, each piece expresses the sentiments of its designer. And in fact, to reflect the multi-cultural nature of our planet, we invited renowned artists from around the world to interpret their idea of the essence of home.

The result is an eclectic, extraordinarily modern-day series of tiny houses, with their very diversity creating a distinct and accurate echo of the global community we inhabit.

Among the contributions that make up this fascinating village is House of Stone by John Pawson, the father of minimalist architecture. Created from a single block of gorgeous dark brown Pietra d’Avola, one of our most beloved stones, House of Stone epitomises the pared-back linear approach that its designer is revered for.

Deceptively simple with its shape that recalls the typical house drawn by young children, the design plays with solids and voids, with the narrow slits along the roof welcoming in the light. Creating a sense of welcome and belonging, all superfluous elements are stripped to a bare essence.

House of Stone is also a reinterpretation of an earlier collaboration between Salvatori and John Pawson: The House of Stone, a full-size installation for the 2010 Milan Design Fair. The talking point of Design Week, its iconic form and daring architecture captured the hearts and minds of all who saw it.

The miniature version, just small enough to sit in the palm of your hand, is destined to cast a similar spell. A special piece on its own, it sits perfectly alongside the other sculptures that make up The Village, and is a perfect gift idea for any aficionado of architecture and design.

“When I set out to design a building, my aim is to create spaces where people will feel comfortable and at home”