Why a natural stone washbasin is perfect for a modern bathroom



A stone washbasin is the ultimate in elegance and a must-have for a truly stylish bathroom. Discover why interior designers just can’t say no to natural stone when it comes to aesthetics and practicality

The magic of a stone bathroom basin

As the part of our home designated for wellbeing and hygiene, the bathroom deserves plenty of thought when it comes to choosing furnishings and materials. Key amongst these in terms of importance and visibility is the basin or sink, call it what you will. As a central element of the entire décor, it’s crucial to find the right piece and a marble or stone basin delivers timeless style, becoming an elegant focal point of any modern bathroom. Hardwearing and long-lasting, stone is an incredibly versatile material that ticks all the right boxes in terms of both aesthetics and function.


How to choose the perfect natural stone for your bathroom

Beautiful, able to stand up to wear and tear, and easy to look after, natural stone washbasins have a charm all of their own. Of course, there’s an incredible choice of stones, from vividly veined marbles to understated limestones, with every piece being absolutely unique, so how do you choose?

For an elegant, calming atmosphere, we would always recommend opting for subdued, neutral tones, ranging from a classic white Carrara marble or pale Crema d’Orcia limestone to dark, near-black Pietra d’Avola. Veining is also an important feature to consider, with choices such as Silk Georgette® with its subtle waves or Grigio Versilia, a cool grey marble with dramatic swathes of white.

It’s about personal taste and the style you want to achieve, and deciding on the look should be a fascinating journey of self-expression through your choices of materials, textures and shapes.


Designer bathroom washbasin ideas

There are many types of stone bathroom sinks. If you want something that makes a statement, a freestanding basin is a great option, but you could also choose a wall-hung vanity with built-in storage and an integrated or countertop basin. At Salvatori, we love to experiment with natural stone and formats to create original solutions that express our philosophy of understated luxury and can work with any bathroom décor style.

The Anima and Balnea collections are perfect examples of this. With their fluid shapes they are almost sculptural in their appearance, and never fail to introduce a soothing atmosphere into a bathroom, transforming it into an oasis of relaxation.

If you like to mix up your stone with another natural material, the Adda and Punto collections are an interesting solution. The coolness of marble or limestone is offset by the warmth of wood, which comes in a choice of tones and types. The contrast between the two elements makes for a pleasingly harmonious aesthetic that works with any style.


How to choose accessories for a natural stone bathroom

Once you’ve chosen your natural stone washbasin, the next task is to select accessories that complement it, such as minimalist tapware or contemporary mirrors. Our Spaghetti tapware range, which includes taps and fittings for showers, basins and bathtubs, is a must-have finishing touch for a Salvatori-style bathroom. Featuring a delicately ridged dial, it offers the choice of a stone insert in a colour that either matches your tiles for a discreet look, or can contrast with for a more audacious “pop” effect.

Of course, no bathroom is complete without a mirror and we offer a selection of round, oval and rectangular options that sit perfectly above your beautiful stone washbasin. One option is our Mirari mirror, complete with backlighting to not only make applying makeup or shaving easier, but also perfect for showcasing your bathroom sink and bringing out the stone’s vein pattern.

If you’ve fallen in love with a basin from the Punto or Anima collections, you’ll also be happy to know that you can complete the look with a matching mirror.


Practical tips for looking after a natural stone bathroom

Although natural stone is extremely hardwearing, like any material, a little TLC goes a long way to keeping it in pristine condition. In terms of routine cleaning, all you need is a neutral detergent which should be applied with a soft cloth. A good rule of thumb is to avoid any aggressive cleaning products, including bleach, limescale remover, anything containing acid and any substance which could change the colour of the stone. So-called housewife remedies such as vinegar and baking soda are also not good for stone.

A natural stone washbasin is perfect if you are looking for that elusive combination of function, form and a touch of luxury for your modern bathroom. If you choose the type of stone, be it a marble or a limestone, carefully and follow our cleaning advice, you will end up with a beautiful object that you can use daily for decades to come.

At Salvatori, you’ll find an incredible selection of high-quality Made in Italy stone washbasins, with something to suit every taste and bathroom style. Why not get in touch with one of our team for a complimentary consultation so that we can help you choose the perfect basin!

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