Piero Lissoni talks about what it’s like to work with Salvatori



Working with Salvatori, according to Piero Lissoni is about having a common purpose at the heart of everything.

In talking about his experiences working with Salvatori, artist, architect and designer Piero Lissoni acknowledges the significance of having a shared purpose.


“For both parties, working with natural stone, with these natural materials, carries a certain responsibility” he explains as he talks about his relationship with CEO Gabriele Salvatori with whom he has collaborated on a wide range of projects over many years.


“We share a common purpose. We take a responsible approach to everything we do. We design, we produce, and sometimes we simply have to say ‘stop’”.


That shared vision and set of values is fundamental for both parties, both of whom also place great importance on social and environmental responsibility. And, it is the desire to respect these two principles that enables both designer and company to recognise when it is time to stop “when we’re looking at something that I would define as design exaggeration”.

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