Our Urano shall take part to the 2021 Design Biennale Venice



Our Urano lamp participates to the Design Biennale in Venice of 2021. Let's find out more about its characteristics and about the event.

Salvatori at the 2021 Venice Design Bienniale

After the forced break during 2020, the third edition of Venice Design Biennale is happening this year from the 20 May to 27 June, a showcase dedicated to design, while at the same time also the Architecture Bienniale takes place. A prominent initiative, which brings to the scene the most important and innovative national and international names. The theme chosen for this edition is very close to our way of interpreting design: self-portrait was chosen as focal point, to be analysed as a vehicle of the self, role increasingly carried out by design, which has now become a communicating instrument.

Therefore, we are pleased to announce our participation in this important event: our Urano will be an integral part of Elisa Ossino’s exhibition “Una stanza tutta per sé – A room for yourself”, within the SPARC* Spazio Arte Contemporanea.

Come discover more about our Urano, our approach to design, and the yearly collaboration that ties us to the well-known designer.


When design meets the stars: the Urano lamp

Urano’s shape suggests it comes from another planet: a perfectly spherical profile, extracted with extreme precision, thanks to the advanced techniques that allow us to be leaders in this sector, from a single block of White Carrara marble.

An iconic silhouette, that earned its name, inspired by the celestial vault; a truly pure and perfect shape that instantly recalls the idea of perfection, symbolising Infinity.

Available in three versions, two for the table and one floor lamp, this delicate lamp with an artisanal touch is also distinguished by the light it generates: a romantic beam, which gives warmth and hospitality to the room in which it is placed.

Not by chance, it was chosen to enrich Andrea Bocelli’s show “Believe in Christmas”, an important initiative originated from the wish of finding the comfort of hope after a long 2020. Urano, with its sweet shapes and candid tones, similar to snowflakes, was the perfect pairing to the song White Christmas.

Urano is a piece of furniture that goes beyond its physicality, and alludes to a complex and multifaceted archetypal sphere: a truly unmissable object.


A design that says something about you: Salvatori design

We mentioned how close we feel to this edition’s theme of the Venice Design Bienniale. In fact, we share the idea that, today more than ever, design is a mean of communication to express something about yourself to the rest of the world, and this is how we develop all our projects.

In fact, our idea is to create products that are not only beautiful furnishing accessories, but rather that communicate emotions and sensations to those who use them: a truly all-round operation, which aims to improve the human experience.

For this reason, a large part of our production is highly customizable, both for stones and for finishes, and we are also known in the sector for our customizable services, which strives to always fulfil requests from our customers.

From the smallest furnishing accessories, to finishes and furniture, such as the Adda modular drawers, everything is designed to provide our customers with a design that speaks to them, and that steps away from contemporary standardization. A feeling that goes hand in hand with our knowledge and the irreplaceable value we give to craftsmanship.


The collaboration with Elisa Ossino

Our creative path has been intertwined for many years with the architect and designer Elisa Ossino. What binds us is certainly a great respect for natural stone, and a love for a complex design hidden by an apparent simplicity.

In addition to the beautiful Urano, we have collaborated with her on various fields, developing many iconic pieces of our collection.

We have created, for example, wonderful bathroom collections, such as Balnea, winner of the Best Bathroom award of the Elle Decor International Design Awards 2020, or Fontane Bianche, which implements the innovative Plug & Play technology in the Alfeo and Ninfa washbasins, making the  installation really simple.

One of the most significant products of our collaboration is certainly Intarsi: an original range of natural stone that reinvents and re-elaborates the ancient inlay technique in a modern key. Thanks to our advanced systems, we were able to create truly unimaginable stone thicknesses, giving life to an incredible geometry in which Bianco Carrara and Pietra d’Avola alternate continuously.

An ongoing collaboration, which also includes particular finishes and the development of small sculptures with great charm, such as Omaggio a Morandi.

We are committed to create a design that not only is pleasing to the eye, but also contributes to improve the human experience. From the development of innovative textures to the creation of the smallest furnishings, our production maintains the man at the center.

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