Timeless marble is transformed into contemporary dining tables



A marble dining table is a design choice, a demonstration of sophisticated taste and an appreciation for quality and beauty that humankind and nature together can create

Add a touch of contemporary Made in Italy design to your home with a marble dining table

The story of marble is rooted in ancient times when it was the material of choice not only for sculptures and monuments but also for the earliest examples of furniture that would prove to be eternal. Today, it continues to be associated with prestige and luxury, prized for its hardwearing properties, durability and capacity to transcend passing trends.

When it comes to interior design, a marble dining table is more than an item of furniture. It can become the centrepiece of the entire home, drawing people around it to share food, special occasions and everyday moments.


Combining tradition and modernity with a natural stone dining table

With its ability to link the past and the future, natural stone is perfect for contemporary design and when it comes to Made in Italy design, it is the star of a constant dialogue between respect for tradition and the quest for new forms of expression.

Its very essence combines with modernity, resulting in dining tables that are more than mere surfaces on which to serve a meal, but could be considered installations that reflect an artistic vision.

Creations such as the Proiezioni dining table by Elisa Ossino are an example of how tradition can be reinterpreted and given a fresh twist. Interplays of light and shadow, clean geometric forms and the striking contrast between Bianco Carrara and Nero Marquinia make for a fascinating spectacle through a design language that is both universal yet intimately connected with Italian style.

As such, a marble dining table becomes a functional work of art, a piece that has a history behind it yet at the same time points to the future.


Choosing a modern designer dining table

When you choose a modern dining table in marble or natural stone, you are making a bold style and design choice that goes beyond daily functionality. With its clean lines and simple pattern, such a table will lend an elegant and modern look to the décor.

That said, however, one of the many advantages of marble is that it works with all sorts of furnishing styles, from traditional to bold and contemporary.

Salvatori tables are based on a holistic design vision that can be seen in the way they work in a range of contexts without losing their distinctive character. The different types of stone used, from rich dark Pietra d’Avola limestone to cool white Bianco Carrara are an example of this versatility and ensure each table makes a statement.

The Taula rectangular marble dining table, designed by Patricia Urquiola, epitomises this philosophy. Inspired by the monolithic structures of Majorca and Minorca, it combines the solidity of natural stone with a design that seems to defy gravity to result in a surprisingly lightweight effect.

John Pawson’s Spain dining table is another example of how a piece of furniture can become a designer work of art. This elegant pairing of Bianco Carrara marble and pale cherry wood is a masterpiece of minimalism, finding a sophisticated balance between the vertical and horizontal elements that makes it ideal for a modern kitchen or dining room.


A round or rectangular dining table?

The choice of shape of your dining table is key to the overall look and atmosphere of a room.

A rectangular table, such as “Love me, Love me not” in vivid red Rouge du Roi marble, creates a classic linear silhouette and works best in a spacious room. Able to accommodate an impressive number of guests, with its curved legs and illusion of lightness, its majestic appearance is synonymous with the idea of abundant, lavish banquets.

Alternatively, a round dining table such as one of the variants from the Proiezione collection, is more conducive to an intimate atmosphere with all guests seated at the same distance from the centre. Another example of a round natural stone dining table is the “Love me, Love me not” model in Rosa Portogallo marble.


Instead, the Dritto collection of dining tables by Piero Lissoni includes not only round and rectangular shapes, but also oval and square variants. The ultra-fine natural stone top combines with stark iron legs for a look that is sophisticated and striking.

Whichever shape dining table you choose, it should not only reflect your personal style but also practical aspects such as the space it will be located in and how it will be used. Whether for a formal dinner party or a morning coffee, Salvatori tables are designed not only to bring people together for shared moments but also to add Italian flair to any décor.

A marble dining table is a design choice that transcends trends and offers an aesthetic element that is not subject to time and fashions. Whether it is a bold, statement piece that dominates the room or a more discreet item of furniture that blends with the rest of the décor, a designer dining table is a tribute to the tradition of Made in Italy design.

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