The many faces of Salvatori: we talk to Alessandro Bedini, Head of Marketing & Communication



First up is Alessandro Bedini, Salvatori’s Head of Marketing

Behind the scenes at Salvatori: we talk to Alessandro Bedini, Head of Marketing & Communication

There are always a myriad of stories behind every brand name and inevitably, those stories are created by the people who contribute to making the business a success through their expertise, talent and passion. We thought it might be interesting to bring out some of those individuals from behind the scenes and place them in the spotlight for a few moments.


Tell us a little about your role and the team around you

I’ve been with Salvatori for almost six years, with a team that has grown to twelve, plus a range of external consultants and leading Italian agencies. One of my main goals is to create a fluid, enjoyable purchase experience for clients, in line with the principles of inbound marketing, or in other words, via non-invasive promotional activities that meet users’ needs. We mainly focus on organic brand growth. We respond to the needs expressed by potential clients with a process that places the individual at the centre, right from the beginning when we first identify a lead, through the sales and post-sales funnel.


Has Salvatori contributed to your professional and personal development? If so, how?

Salvatori is a small-medium business and that entails a completely different marketing approach compared to a multinational where there tends to be a more vertical “silo-type” structure. Here, however, I have a horizontal view of the business, meaning I interact with a number of sectors and departments, and that has allowed me to widen my skillset and acquire a 360-degree approach to marketing. The innovative vision of Salvatori and Gabriele, our CEO, is also a key factor. We have cutting-edge methodology in terms of technology, processes and analysis tools, and we stay very close to what’s new and happening in the market. All this allows us to deliver a more focused customer experience and to respect the idea of design for human beings in every sense.


Which of Salvatori’s values resonates most with you?

Attention towards people, and here I mean both clients and staff. I have always appreciated the respect shown for professional competence at Salvatori, along with the way every employee is treated with fairness.

Do you think there are any particular traits or skills that you simply must have to work at Salvatori?

You need to feel a bond with the company, be results-focused and be extremely curious. Innovation is engrained in the company’s approach so you need to be open to new ideas and ways of doing things, without losing sight of your objective.


What’s the best part of your working week?

We have adopted an agile working methodology and I particularly enjoy that moment when we set off on a new “sprint”, bringing together all the different strands of our marketing activities such as analysing how a project is going, defining short- and long-term strategy and planning our programme. This is when we see the fruit of our efforts as new campaigns come to life and become tangible.

Describe Salvatori using just one adjective


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