Ideas and advice for furnishing a home office



Discover our tips and solutions to furnish a study room in complete Salvatori style.

How to decorate your home office

Setting up a home office is a functional and advantageous choice, which is also necessary for the increasingly popular solution of smart-working.

It is not important to have large spaces available, with a few essential pieces of furniture you can create a study area in your home where you can relax, read and work in total tranquillity.

The home study room must be separated from the rest of the house to facilitate concentration of those who work there and must be an area capable of stimulating productivity and creativity.

In this article, we provide some advice on how to furnish a study in such a way as to create a functional and pleasant area through the most suitable furniture and accessories.


Ideas for furnishing your study

You don’t need large rooms to create a study in your home, you can carve out a space even from the smallest corners, the important thing is to pay due attention to the right decor. The most advisable furnishings for a study include:

  • Good lighting
  • A functional bookcase
  • A relaxing green corner

In an environment such as a home study room it goes without saying that it is necessary to provide good natural and artificial lighting to create the right atmosphere and light on the work table even when there is no sun.

Another important aspect is the furniture. Classic study room furniture is rarely complete without the presence of a bookcase, whether it is used as a shelf or a room divider. One example is our Colonnata Bookcase, a very elegant and original piece of furniture that is perfect for every style.

A further idea for study home decor is to decorate the room with some greenery. By using wooden furniture and integrating various types of plants, it is possible to create an area of comfort and relaxation, perfect for finding the right balance between concentration and relaxation between one job and the next.


How to furnish a desk

It is clear that every study room should have a desk, an element that needs to be furnished as wisely as possible.

In deciding how to organise a desk, in fact, it is necessary first of all to consider the dimensions of the surface, which clearly depend on work and personal needs. Obviously, there are many accessories that can be used to furnish a desk, and they can be selected from the thousands of styles on the market. However, there are at least two objects that every desk should be equipped with: a pen holder, like our Lui&Lei and a tray for objects, like the one in our Balancing collection, a series entirely dedicated to desk accessories.


Furnishing a relaxing study room

If you have plenty of space, you can use several pieces of furniture to create your own office corner.
In this way it will be possible to even insert sofas or armchairs to be able to relax or read a book. An example of a relaxing study room is this Salvatori room. The perceived harmony is provided by the soft carpet and light-coloured wall coverings and the Balnea modular drawer, both in Crema d’Orcia Raw.

In addition to the furniture and the sofa, the decor of this studio include two small tables: the Love me Love me not in Noir St Laurent and the Proiezioni Coffee Table in Nero Marquinia and Bianco Carrara. On the latter rests the Kilos Bookends, made of natural stone; these two geometric shapes in the form of a cylinder and a cube represent two pieces of minimalist and sophisticated design.


Furnishing a modern home office

Furnishing a modern office is simple, functional, and basic. In this idea for an office the essential furniture is present: a desk large enough to work on which also acts as a multifunctional piece of furniture. Specifically, this is our Dritto dining table, a piece of furniture in which the refinement of stone goes hand in hand with the modernity of steel and the Adda Modular Drawers in Gris du Marais® marble and ribbed stone.
The Farfalla Pendant Lamp guarantees perfect lighting, as well as fulfilling its primary function it also represents an additional piece of modern design. This study room also features several perfect furnishings with which to decorate the desk such as the Balancing Document Holder.


Furnishing a designer corner study

In this designer study there is plenty of light thanks to the large window, but when darkness comes an interesting solution is our Urano Table Lamp made of Bianco Carrara marble, which as well as illuminating the desk it also acts as a decorative piece of design.
The natural lighting and the light-coloured Crema d’Orcia coverings on the walls and floors make the room bright and welcoming.

In this study room it is impossible not to find concentration. Relaxation is in fact guaranteed by the warm and natural furnishings due to the presence of plants and materials such as wood, which we find in the Adda Drawer. Even the wall and floor finishes, in CNC and Stone Parquet respectively, seem to recall the concept of woodworking.
The result is an evocative design environment, thanks also to the desk accessories such as the Fontane Bianche pen holder in Bianco Carrara.

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