Salvatori presents the Wood Collection



Artisanal mastery, meticulous attention to detail and a homage to tradition come together in this new collection that effortlessly combines Salvatori’s iconic aesthetic with the versatility and natural charm of wood

A Salvatori homage to wood texture

The Salvatori Wood Collection, which will be launched during Milan Design Week 2023, marks a return to our association with wood, completing a circle that began over 70 years ago.

The Wood Collection signals a watershed moment in our history, underlining an important evolution that cements a link to our past.

Visitors to our Milan showroom in via Solferino 11 will be among the first to get up close and personal with our first ever wood texture, and experience its warmth and wonderful tactility.


Decorative boiserie for an elegant décor

The Wood Collection is a tribute to Salvatori’s origins, bringing together tradition and innovation in four intriguing textures.

The collection revisits four of our most popular finishes, reinterpreting Bamboo, Plissé, Spaghetti and Tratti in an elegant Coffee Oak wood.
The result? Four striking variants that can be used for feature walls or as an elegant boiserie or wainscot either on their own or paired with their natural stone counterparts.

Created through an artful combination of unique design and Made in Italy craftmanship, these beautiful new finishes are ideal for walls, floors and ceilings and cabinetry. No matter how they are used, they will bring a warm and fascinating expressivity to any décor and are destined to become a talking point.


A new material that opens a window on the past

As we mentioned above, the use of wood texture is no mere casual choice, but represents a return to Salvatori’s roots.
When the company was established back in 1946, it was initially focused on working with wood, before turning instead to natural stone, the material with which Salvatori would go on to set the international benchmark.

Tuscany, our home, has long been prized for both its marble and wood, so the decision to return to the latter is as natural as the two materials themselves. It also allows us to explore new design frontiers and offer original and versatile alternatives to stone.

Among the aspects we particularly love about wood are its capacity to transform warmth, elegance and authenticity to décors, three characteristics that reflect our philosophy as a brand. And of course, as a sustainable, renewable material, it chimes perfectly with our ongoing commitment to safeguarding the environment.

The creative process behind the textures was a long, intensive period of experimentation and search for skilled artisans with the capacity to transform this wonderful raw material into sophisticated, innovative panels.


Four exclusive reinterpretations of iconic textures

Our new wood textures are designed to showcase a variety of architectural elements in a space by directing attention and creating depth and visual interest.

The Tratti collection, for example, showcases the wood’s veining and enhances the surfaces to which it is applied. Its scuffed effect is offset to perfection by the elegance of metal inserts in a choice of Midnight Black and Anodised Gold to create a simple but striking wood accent wall.

Plissé, on the other hand, interacts with the light, making for an airy atmosphere with its sharp angles that evoke the idea of pleated fabric, and injecting a touch of elegance and harmony.


With its slender ripples, Spaghetti creates a surprising effect that is ideal for modern décors. Its precise, repeated lines are testimony to an exceptional level of craftmanship, resulting in an understated but dynamic look, with a clever chiaroscuro twist.

While talking about Spaghetti, it would be remiss not to talk about the tapware range of the same name. Designed by Elisa Ossino, its minimalist, contemporary aesthetic is the perfect counterpart to the four Wood Collection textures with the combination of wood, natural stone and dark metal creating a compelling harmony.

Last, but not least, is Bamboo. Inspired by the clean lines and pared-back aesthetic of Japanese design, its fluid, seemingly infinite undulations make it ideal for wall surfaces, with a restful, soothing look that is also absolutely of the twenty-first century. Refined yet striking, its mesmerising grooves make it a perfect choice for creating interiors that exude understated luxury.

In conclusion, the Wood Collection is a return to Salvatori’s origins and represents not only a natural evolution for our brand, but our desire to look to the future without forgetting our roots.

To discover this revolutionary quartet, along with a host of other innovative new collections, make sure you include a visit to our via Solferino 11 showroom during your Fuorisalone experience.

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