Make your Christmas present last for ever



Suddenly, it’s already December and the search for that elusive perfect Christmas gift has well and truly begun. Why not take the stress out of shopping by browsing among our exclusive selection of original, stylish Made in Italy home accessories?


Relax, and let us help make Christmas shopping a joy instead of a headache! We’ve put together a selection of gorgeous accessories, designed by leading international names and brought to life by our skilled craftsmen on the Tuscan coast.

Piero Lissoni, John Pawson, and Studiocharlie have each created a unique collection, exploring the limits of natural stone and interpreting it in their own inimitable way.


The starting point for every piece is a block of gorgeous natural stone that is then cut and fashioned using cutting-edge technology that pushes the potential of this extraordinary material to new and surprising heights.

Michelangelo famously believed every piece of marble contained a sculpture and that he simply removed the surplus stone to reveal it. Centuries later, our own artists have adopted the same philosophy to create a series of objects that more than do justice to the timeless, classic beauty of natural stone.



For lovers of the pared-back, understated style of Japanese design, look no further than the Ellipse collection of homeware, designed by the master of minimalism himself, John Pawson.

The embodiment of harmonious design, each piece is made from classic Bianco Carrara and shaped as though it were a mini-sculpture, with the gentle, smooth curves evoking a sense of calmness and tranquillity. From wine cooler to tray to pestle and mortar set, each item will be perfectly at home in any style of kitchen or atop any dining table.


Pietra L01 Tray

The simple tray is transformed into a piece of design through the eyes of Piero Lissoni who reinterprets an everyday item through his ingenious, artful use of natural stone and its distinctive veining.

The result is an elegant circular disc in a choice of three glorious marbles and sizes, encased in an iron border, ideal as an eye-catching display piece for the kitchen, living room or hallway, and simply perfect for entertaining.


Pietra L06 Doorstop

In the hands of Piero Lissoni, even the most banal, functional object becomes something elegant and intriguing, as is the case with this doorstop, shaped from a single piece of sleek black or sumptuous burgundy red marble and finished with a quirky decorative hook in grey steel.

The perfect marriage of function and form, this is an original and sure-to-be-appreciated gift for anyone who has an affinity for great design.


Pietra L08 Bookends

Once again bringing flair and elegance to an everyday item, Piero Lissoni’s set of bookends combine inky black marble with a perpendicular structure in matt steel to create a striking, pared-back design statement.

Deceptively simple but oozing style, this is a gift that will find pride of place on any bookshelf. What better way to please book lovers and design aficionados alike?


Balancing pen holder

This elegant, contemporary pen holder from the Balancing collection by Milan-based Studiocharlie is a winning idea for that hard-to-buy friend or relative who perhaps spends much of their time at work.

Made from gorgeous milky white marble combined with burnished brass, it takes its name from the way it gently oscillates from side to side. An innovative and contemporary take on a simple desk accessory, it is sure to add a touch of envy-inducing style to any workspace. The only downside is that the lucky recipient will have to keep an eye on their colleagues!

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