When innovation meets craftsmanship: Plug & Play technology



Plug & Play technology was created to eliminate an important issue: the difficulty of installation. Let's see how.

Plug&Play: the perfect union of craftsmanship and innovation

Beauty can be complex but only to the eye, as generically its ideal home is simplicity. There must be immediacy, comfort and clarity. This rule stands also in design: allowing to bring an easily accessible beauty into homes, which will not cause desperation for the client installing what they had admired and for this reason purchased.

For us this is a fundamental point of the agreement with our clients and is also the reason why we firmly believe in Plug&Play technology. What is Plug&Play? Let’s discover this together.


Plug&Play: meanin

Is natural stone a difficult material to handle? Difficult to install, difficult to install, difficult to use? The good news is that this is not the case at all, indeed this is a myth to dispel. To make this fact unequivocally evident, we decided to develop a technique of great impact.

The term Plug&Play derives originally from computer terminology, from where it was borrowed from all those contexts that provide for an installation easy and basic for anyone, not just for professionals in that sector (hence the name, which in Italian can be translated “connect and use”, although more specifically it is “plug in and play”, revealing the informatic and recreational origins of this technology).

What does this substantially mean? It means that when you receive many of our products at home, you will not have to struggle to assemble and install, as everything shall be within reach of even the less experienced.

We want the trust and esteem that the customer grants us to be rewarded with the most satisfying of experiences from the very first step.


Plug&play and natural stone, an easy marriage

Almost all our designs are now developed to allow simple and quick assembly: Plug & Play, in fact, is the philosophy behind our production process.

If, for example, as far as tables are concerned, the concept may seem simple, let’s find out more specifically how this extraordinary technique is applied to products that usually require more than an immediate assembly.

An excellent example is our Filo shower tray: whether you decide to buy it in its flush-to-floor version or in the free-standing version, installing a shower tray always causes some struggles. Thanks to Plug & Play, however, this installation will be extremely simple: together with the product, in fact, we provide everything necessary for assembly, such as installation guides (also available on our site in video format) and top-quality accessories.

More specifically, Filo is already equipped with a drain: in this way it will not be necessary to find it or go and buy it, and this will make installation so simple that in no case the presence of specialized marble workers and/or craftsmen shall be required. A considerable saving of time and money.


In addition, the complete kit that we send also provides the guarantee of having in your hands a supply that is perfectly suited to the item purchased. Again, regarding Filo, for example, the most suitable type and colour of silicone, for the kind of stone of the product, is included in the shipment. In this way, you avoid the risk of a wrong choice, which could also risk damaging the material.

Other examples of innovative products that benefit from Plug & Play technology are the Stiletto washbasin, the Ninfa countertop washbasin or the Ishiburo shower tray.

The beauty we offer is winning because it is simple, for everyone. All there is to understand is that it can be admired.

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