The Miniatures collection: Sustainability and design in the palm of your hand



Discover the fascination and of our Miniatures collection, celebrating innovation and the best of iconic Made in Italy design

The Miniatures collection: sustainable design at your fingertips

Sustainability is a concept that has long been ingrained in our company. For example, in 1975, we were the first in the sector to develop a machine that filtered and recycled the water we used when cutting our stone. This meant that we not only conserved this precious natural resource, but also ensured that microparticles of dust were no longer released into the ecosystem.

Another way in which we strive to reduce the impact of our work on the environment is our approach to waste. In the stone sector it’s all too common to see offcuts of gorgeous stone being transported to landfill, and our groundbreaking Lithoverde® texture was developed to challenge this practice.

We take pleasure in constantly testing our ingenuity, and the Miniatures collection is one of the most recent fruits of our mission to create beautiful designer objects from material that would otherwise be simply thrown away.


What is our Miniatures collection?

The Miniatures Collection was born of our commitment to create Made in Italy designer objects from offcuts of gorgeous natural stone, one of our planet’s most extraordinary and unique materials. At the same time, we saw an opportunity to widen the availability of our products, so that no matter where you are in the world or how small your home, you can enjoy a touch of Salvatori design.

And so, we developed miniatures of a selection of our most iconic products, recreating them at a tenth of the original size. Each bijou piece is an exact replica of its big sibling, made using the same techniques and finishes, so that you can hold it in your hands and appreciate every tiny detail.

Last but not least, reflecting the green spirit that is at the root of the collection, each miniature is made from offcuts of the full-size version, giving new life not only to natural stone, but also in some cases, beautiful wood and metal.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the pieces that make up this special collection.


Understated elegance: ‘Span Indoor’ miniatures

Taking their cues from the deceptively simple items of furniture designed by John Pawson, the ‘Span Indoor’ miniatures combine offcuts of elegant cherrywood and Bianco Carrara marble to recreate the full-size articles.

The meticulous attention to detail in both the design and production of the original coffee table and round and rectangular dining tables is replicated in these diminutive versions, resulting in a trio of delicate pieces distinguished by simple, essential lines that are destined to delight.


Sturdy yet delicate: ‘Span Outdoor’ miniatures

The ‘Span Outdoor’ miniatures capture the sturdy yet surprisingly delicate forms of the outdoor pieces designed for Salvatori by John Pawson.

An extraordinary level of precision has gone into each piece of the series, which comprises a table and two variations of bench seating. Pairing smooth white Bianco Carrara with the granular golden hues of Avana sandstone, the seamless joints between each geometric component, a defining stylistic aspect of the original design, are faithfully echoed in the miniatures.

The result is a family of highly original mini sculptures that perfectly represent our philosophy of fusing sustainability and architecture through thoughtful design.


Challenging our perceptions: the Girella miniature

It is hardly surprising that the Girella is among our most iconic miniatures, when you consider its original incarnation. The incredible curves of the bench-cum-sculpture designed by Ron Gilad defiantly challenge perceptions of stone, often considered a rigid, unyielding material.

Winner of the Wallpaper* “Best Domestic Design 2013” award, the Girella’s spiral-like form epitomises how far you can push the boundaries of creativity when you combine innovation and a deep understanding of a material such as natural stone.

This avantgarde piece of design seemingly defies logic, as you ask yourself “how can you bend stone”? In its miniature version, the question remains, with the difference being that you can hold it in your hand as you trace the delicate lines in wonder.



A play of light and light: the Proiezioni miniature table

The precision of the inlay technique of the circular pieces that make up the top and the clean geometric forms of the full-size Proiezioni dining table find a perfect correspondence in its miniature version.

The patterns created by the contrast of black and white marble interact with the light to take on a playful, striking aspect, in the same way as those of the original table, for an interplay of dark and light that evokes the idea of an imaginary cinema, projecting its beguiling beams.

Elegance, creativity and sustainability come together in perfect harmony in this miniature example of exquisite, surprising design.



The wow factor: the ‘Love me, Love me not’ miniature table

Rounding out our selection is the miniature version of the largest table in our entire range. The ‘Love me, Love me not’ dining table is an imposing piece of furniture that never fails to draw attention, with its unusually petal-shaped legs and long elegant top in Rouge du Roi, an audacious red marble.

With his simple, clean lines, designer Michael Anastassiades sought to celebrate and elevate the regal, sumptuous nature of marble in the original, and even though the miniature is only one-tenth of the size, it still delivers the same wow factor.


The Miniature collection holds a special place in our hearts because it epitomises how aesthetics, innovation and respect for our planet can go hand in hand. If this approach resonates with you, and you’ve fallen in love with our family of miniatures, we invite you to take a closer look at it. Good things really do come in small packages!

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