Keep the festive spirit alive with a gift to yourself and get the new year off to a great start



Enjoy browsing through a selection of our latest pieces and start 2021 in style!

Once the festive season is behind us, there’s often a feeling of flatness, so what better way to keep spirits high than by organising a little gift for ourselves to ensure we start the New Year in style!

We’ve put together a selection of some of our newest home accessories, made from gorgeous natural stone in our Tuscan workshop where they are hand-finished by our master craftsmen. Each product is an authentic piece of Made in Italy design, with the starting point a single block of stone containing centuries of history within its layers, meaning that the finished article is not merely a decorative accessory, but also an expression of a piece of stone’s past.

Given we have such an extraordinary raw material to work with, we see our role as simply adding creativity, design and craftsmanship to create elegant, stylish and original products that appeal to anyone around the world who appreciates beautiful design with a unique soul and story at its core.



When it comes to beating the post-holiday blues, why not indulge in some serious – or not so serious – art buying, with a piece of Intarsi wall art?

In this collection of mono-chromatic art made entirely from natural stone, symmetry is played with to create striking patterns. Classic white Carrara marble contrasts perfectly with the rich dark tones of Pietra d’Avola limestone to create bold patterns that catch the eye and complete a space without ever threatening to dominate.



If you love art, design and architecture, there is no better gift to yourself (or a loved one, if you’re feeling particularly generous) than one of these adorable miniature houses from the Archimera collection.

You can sense the fun that designer Federico Babina had in creating this mini-world of four original interpretations of the concept of home, each brought to life in a different marble, from vibrant red or glorious yellow to classic white and a supremely elegant inky black. The hardest decision will be which one to choose!


Fontane Bianche Modular trays

If your New Year’s Resolution is to be more organised, then the Fontane Bianche set of modular trays are a stylish way to help ensure you keep to your promise.

The set consists of four trays in classic white Bianco Carrara marble or lovely dark brown Pietra d’Avola limestone, each encased in an elegant metal frame. Perfect for the bathroom, bedroom, living room or desk, they are the perfect example of that elusive combination of function and form.


Pietra L12 Cake stand

For the keen baker or budding Masterchef, every culinary effort deserves to be showcased in the right way, and the Pietra L12 cake stand certainly knows how to do that.

This three-tiered masterpiece on a black metal rod which is finished with a distinctive hook for easy carrying comes in a choice of three types of natural stone. From soft creamy Crema d’Orcia to forest green Verde Guatemala or the midnight-black sophistication of Nero Marquinia, this is a cake stand that is almost good enough to eat on its own.


Pietra L03 Tray

You can never have too many trays, whether you use them as a platter to serve a tempting array of appetisers, a practical receptacle to organise all those bits and pieces that always seem to accumulate on your desk, or simply as a stylish table accessory.

With our Pietra L03 collection by Piero Lissoni, you’ll be spoilt for choice, with three sizes and a trio of gorgeous natural stones.  The vibrant red of Rosso Francia, the inky black seduction of Nero Marquinia or the gentle forest green shades of Verde Alpi – which one has your name on it?


Pietra L11

Our Pietra L11 fragrances express our philosophy of the home as a multi-sensorial environment, evoking memories and feelings through the medium of scent. Available as candles, hand & body gel and in diffuser form, each fragrance interprets the characteristics of our most popular natural stones, bringing another dimension to the concept of design.


Mono Vase

Sometimes 1 is the perfect number, as in the Mono series of vases designed to hold just a single stem of your favourite flower. Each of the three pieces is carved out of a block of gorgeous marble, with the simple shapes leaving the spotlight to focus on the beauty provided by nature, be it in the sumptuous colours of the stone or the flower it displays.

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