How to use designer trays and platters in natural stone to add a touch of style to your décor



Designer trays and platters make for versatile accessories that are not only functional but also an easy way to add instant Made in Italy style to your home or office

How to choose the perfect designer tray

Designer platters and trays in natural stone are not only versatile and useful, but also represent a stylish interior décor accessory.

Originally conceived solely as a practical means for carrying or food and drinks around, over time, trays, serving dishes and platters have become something of a design statement and a perfect gift solution.

Available in an incredible array of styles, shapes and sizes, they are ideal for displaying or keeping in order almost anything you could possibly think of, from knick-knacks to drinks, from jewellery to stationery items for a tidy desk.

They are particularly popular in the kitchen, dining room and living room, where natural stone lends itself perfectly to valet trays, serving platters or even spectacular cake stands. An artful combination of stylish design, a beautiful natural material and craftsmanship creates objects that become talking points among guests.

Natural stone valet trays also make an impression in environments where clients want to know they are in good hands when it comes to great design taste, making them ideal for architectural or interior design studios.

With that said, let’s take a look at the various types of trays and how they can be used to maximum effect as a decorative element.


Decorative trays in white marble

Designer decorative trays in natural stone are always a winning choice if you are looking for an elegant accessory that lends a stylish flourish to a space.

They are also a great way to draw attention to small themed compositions. Examples include:

  • Large trays with floral arrangements placed on a cabinet or side table in the living room;
  • Small trays to hold candles in the bathroom or a relaxing corner of the home;
  • Larger trays in a bar area, either to hold bottles or to carry glasses to guests in other parts of the room or home.

Where a tray is mainly used as a decorative accessory, we can opt for large versions without handles or even without borders which could impede the visibility of the items we are trying to showcase.


This makes minimalist-style trays ideal. Their understated aesthetic fits with any interior décor style and never fails to add a finishing touch to modern environments. Perhaps a perfect example of this is this platter from the Ellipse collection. Carved from a single circular block of Bianco Carrara marble, it is extraordinarily smooth, with a purity of form that epitomises the meticulous eye of its designer, John Pawson. With its deceptively simple shape and glorious white marble, this is a piece that adds instant design class to any room. What’s more, like all our trays, it is hand-finished by our Tuscan artisans, ensuring that every piece is absolutely unique.


Valet trays in natural stone

Valet trays in natural stone make for handy and practical containers that are also beautiful accessories in their own right. Stone always evokes ancient traditions and simplicity, and when combined with the experience and skill of a designer, valet trays can become miniature works of art.

There is always a perfect place – or even places – in a home or office for a container into which you can place all the miscellaneous items that somehow seem to accumulate. If this container can also add a touch of designer flair, all the better, whether it is placed on a stool near a bathtub to hold cosmetics, bath salts and soaps or on the kitchen worktop as a home for your most frequently used herbs and spices. Other uses include in the entrance way, providing a handy receptacle for coins and keys, or in the office to hold stationery items.

There are many variants, but from a practical point of view, you should look for trays with high sides so that items don’t fall out. One such example is our trio of Pietra L01 circular trays. Designed by Piero Lissoni, they consist of a round disc of gorgeous coloured marble, encased in a sturdy iron frame, making them ideal for the kitchen bench or simply to be enjoyed as a designer ornament. Available in red Rosso Francia, black Nero Marquinia and green Verde Alpi marble, they combine practicality and a restrained modern aesthetic that makes them idea as a valet tray.


Natural stone platters and cake stands

Serving platters in natural stone are wonderfully versatile as they can be used for any course of a meal, from appetisers to the main course through to cheese or fruit. The secret lies in choosing a platter that makes a statement and elevates the visual impact of the gourmet delights it holds so that you wow your guests.

For a platter that transforms an everyday object into a stunning piece of functional design, look no further than the Pietra L03 collection, a trio of square and rectangular trays in different coloured marbles, flanked by iron sides for an original hint of industrial design. The result is an arresting and contemporary accessory that is minimalist in design but makes an aesthetic splash, courtesy of the marble’s unique patterning.

For even more visual theatre, however, we cannot forget to mention tiered cake stands, perfect for presenting fruit, cheese and sweets with elegance and dramatic flair. Our Pietra L12 stand never fails to draw appreciative grasps with its three perfect discs of natural stone, finished with a quirky flourish in the form of an iron hook, a functional touch that makes it easy to carry.


Designer desktop accessories

Designer trays in marble make for an interesting solution for the office or study, offering a stylish way to keep miscellaneous items in order. A desktop with an elegant tray or container will not only be tidier, but also less banal and soulless.

In terms of size, you will ideally want to opt for something slightly smaller so that it doesn’t take over your desk, but nevertheless, makes a style statement. There are a host of types of trays or shallow containers to chose from, many created using artisanal methods and designed by leading international names.

We would like to suggest the tray from our Balancing collection, designed by Studiocharlie. Part of a series of desktop accessories in gorgeous milky-white marble and burnished brass, its circular form is divided into two originally-shaped compartments that are ideal for separating stationery items with a touch of retro style.

Designer trays and platters in natural stone are the perfect example of functional accessories that add style and personality to both the home and office and adapt to any décor look. We offer a range of solutions in beautiful marbles and limestones, from valet trays to serving platters and dramatic cake stands. Each piece is hand-finished by our Tuscan craftsmen and bears our hallmark style of understated elegance, adding a touch of Made in Italy design wherever it finds a new home.

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