Gabriele Salvatori presents the new collections for Milan Design Week 2022



We speak to Gabriele Salvatori about the new Salvatori collections that will be on show during Milan Design Week

We get the lowdown from CEO Gabriele Salvatori on what the brand has in store this Milan Design Week

From bathroom to seating collections, a host of exciting new products will be presented at our Brera showroom during Milan Design Week. Old friends return with new collections, and we also welcome a newcomer who introduces an original and surprising series of products to the Salvatori repertoire.
CEO Gabriele Salvatori recently spoke about the main general themes of this year’s edition, and now we chat in detail about what visitors can expect to see from Salvatori.


What’s new and interesting in terms of new collections this year?

This year there is plenty of news, starting with the expansion of our Spaghetti tapware collection designed by Elisa Ossino so we now have a complete offering. The design is really lovely. You have a stone disc inside the handle, and the stone matches that used on the wall, so the tap itself becomes almost invisible. And, if you decide not to use stone, you can choose a metal disc in the same finish as the rest of the collection.


We have collaborated once again with Kengo Kuma. He’s not only a dear friend but also one of my absolute favourite contemporary architects. We asked him to create a bathroom collection that would work in a range of styles and situations, was easy to install and extremely modular. During the development of his collection, Kuma came up with the idea of taking it further, because its composition opened up more possibilities than we had originally envisaged. Each module is basically made up of two elements, ie wooden batons and a metal joint. You could describe it as a kind of LEGO, because you can put the pieces together to create anything, for example bathroom furniture, tables, bookcases. It’s up to your imagination. But you can personalise it even further because the panels that close each cube come in stone, glass, wood and fabric. So you have an incredible choice in terms of the structure, or you can choose a colourful option or go for a more muted single-tone solution. This is really, really new and very ingenious.

We have also developed another, let me say reasonably comprehensive, bathroom collection with Yabu Pushelberg. Our brief was to design a bathroom range with the contract sector in mind, based on a kind of Plug&Play approach. That meant it should be super easy to install so that hotel projects could reduce their timings, but at the same time, avoiding ending up with “cookie cutter” or bland, impersonal bathrooms. I’m super happy with the result. The collection offers so much choice, as it features freestanding units, compositions in unique woods and a really interesting mirror solution.


We have a new entry in terms of designers. Luca Nichetto, who happens toalso be a good friend, takes us into new territory with a seating collection, ie chairs and stools, that we had a lot of fun working on together. We have two versions, in eco-leather and padded, as well as a really lovely table, also in eco-leather. Its top can become a chessboard. It’s really fun.

With Luca, we also developed a USB-rechargeable lamp. There’s a bit of a story behind this. Some years ago a friend of mine told me how the famous architect I.M. Pei was talking to a client and wanted to describe his concept for a museum. He took an A4 sheet of paper and folded it into a kind of truncated cone and said “This is the shape of your museum.” And so, we asked Luca to design a lamp that would use a sheet of A4 paper as the shade. The idea is that you can create different variants, for example using recycled paper, coloured paper, patterned paper… The box will contain a rechargeable electronic component and a selection of A4 sheets. So you can choose the colour you want, fold it and insert it into a stone base. This is amazingly versatile because you could take any piece of paper, even a newspaper, cut it to A4 size, fold it and create your own lampshade.

Last but not least, we have a really, let me say, poetic series of bowls designed by Piero Lissoni. The name is the Japanese Collection and it is a kind of revisitation of the form of traditional porcelain bowls, but in natural stone. Piero has pushed the limits to the max, so that we end up with these delicate pieces that are really quite exquisite.

These are our newest products, but visitors will also be able to see and touch the incredible Omphalos coffee table series designed by John Pawson and Piero Lissoni’s Lighthouse, the newest addition to The Village, both of which we presented earlier this year.

Our showroom at via Solferino 11 will be open every day during Milan Design Week, from 7 to 12 June. Register now to avoid queuing and also receive a digital version of the delightful illustrations designer Maria Jesus Contreras created to celebrate our new collections.

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