Four designer home accessories that make the perfect Christmas gift



A Made in Italy designer accessory in natural stone is the perfect way to show you care with a quality gift that is timeless, ethical and truly original

Four irresistible designer accessory gift ideas

With the countdown to Christmas well and truly underway, gift shopping is on many of our minds, so we’ve put together a selection of four designer accessories that we know will delight your nearest and dearest.

The home accessories we have selected are an invitation to think about the gifts we give this Christmas in a different way. These are gifts designed to last, rather than be discarded in a few months or even years. The focus is on quality, reflecting respect and appreciation not just for the recipient but also for the world we live in.


A stone vase: give the gift of Nature

A vase is a simple but thoughtful Christmas gift, especially when it doubles up as a piece of design in its own right. For a minimalist, the simple, sculptural forms and soft, muted colours of the trio of Mono vases are sure to appeal. As the name suggests, the Mono is designed to showcase just a single flower or leaf, but even the slightest touch of green can transform the look and feel of a room.

Alternatively, you might opt for the Pietra L13, which pairs fluted glass and natural stone in rectangular and square shapes.


A natural stone bathroom accessory: a simple but stylish gift

Small but perfectly formed, the Anima soap dish makes an elegant Christmas gift. The idea behind the entire Anima collection is to spotlight the spiritual, almost ethereal quality of stone that makes it such a natural material for the room in our homes that is dedicated to wellness and cleanliness rituals. The collection includes a host of pieces that make perfect stocking fillers, including valet trays and trinket containers.

To wrap and place under the tree, look no further than a table mirror that is as much a piece of art as it is a useful accessory. With its iconic conical base in white marble or dark brown limestone, the Fontane Bianche table mirror makes the daily beauty or cleansing routine just that little more enjoyable.


A designer desktop accessory: give the gift of inspiration

The role of the desk has taken on new meaning with the evolution of working practices in recent years. Whether it’s located in the home or workplace, it represents a microworld where we spend many hours a day, so why not make it as inviting as possible? When we’re surrounded by beautiful objects, we tend to feel more inspired and often more productive.

A pen holder is a practical gift, but it can also be more than that when it’s a sculptural piece in Bianco Carrara marble or lovely dark brown Pietra d’Avola limestone. Choose from the classic “loose” version or the variant with nine separate holes. For fans of the Rationalist design school, look no further than the Novecento horizontal pen holder that doubles up as a handy tray for paper clips and the like.

Another original desk accessory gift idea is a paperweight and here you can make it truly personal with the Gravity Zodiac collection by choosing the piece associated with the lucky recipient’s star sign. Every sphere of gorgeous marble represents a planet and transmits an energy that speaks to each of us in a different way, depending on mood and the moment. The perfect way to spread the joy of the festive season!


Candles and home fragrances: give the gift of a multi-sensorial experience

Design, just like a thoughtful gift, touches not just the heart, but also our senses, and smell is a powerful trigger point when it comes to mood and emotions.

The Pietra L collection by Piero Lissoni includes a range of fragrances, diffusers, scented candles, candle holders and incense burners, each of which offers a multisensorial experience.

This series of designer accessories adds another dimension to a home décor, creating an elegant, inviting atmosphere that reflects our philosophy of understated luxury. Who wouldn’t love to unwrap a beautiful scented candle or natural stone holder under the tree?

We believe that a designer accessory in natural stone transmits an emotion that is shared by both giver and receiver, and this is the true magic of a gift.

We hope you’ve been inspired by our suggestions of four Christmas gift categories, but you’ll find plenty more ideas on our website which is filled with examples of Made in Italy home accessories that are certain to delight your nearest and dearest.

If you have any questions, as always, please get in touch!

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