The enduring fascination of Made in Italy design



We take an indepth look at what Made in Italy really means and how we are committed to contributing to its enduring success

Made in Italy, a synonym of style and quality

Made in Italy is not only a label or phrase that attests to the origin of a product. It has also become a brand in its own right, embracing the best of Italian craftmanship and industry.

It carries with it a certain cachet, representing the beauty, elegance, creativity and skill that has long been associated with Italy and covering a diverse range of sectors, including food, fashion, automobiles and design.

It is fair to say that Italian products are renowned for their refined style and the quality of their workmanship and raw materials. These are all characteristics that are an intrinsic part of our approach, with every product bearing the Salvatori name 100% made in Italy. We are proud to be a Made in Italy brand and are committed to living up to the high benchmark this sets.


The crucial role of craftsmanship to Made in Italy quality

When we talk about Italian craftsmanship, we intend this to encapsulate the quality, ingenuity and creativity that is part of our culture.

Made in Italy products are exported all around the world and are admired, trusted and highly sought after. Their reputation and popularity are due to the skill of our nation’s artisans who create iconic objects, many of which are envied and imitated, but there just seems to be a certain Italian X factor that simply cannot be replicated.

At Salvatori, our contribution to this story starts with the choice of natural stone. We take the best stone from the best quarries and then deliver it into the experienced hands of our artisans who transform it into innovative and beautiful objects of contemporary design that have international appeal. While we develop machinery to help this process and are continuously engaged in technological research, we know that it is the irreplaceable human hand and eye that sets our products apart and makes them truly unique.

In our factory on the Tuscan coast, with the mighty Apuan Alps, home to Bianco Carrara marble looming in the background, creativity and innovation go hand in hand with traditional techniques and know-how in our endeavours to do justice to the gorgeous natural stone we are privileged to work with every day.


The advantages of Made in Italy

Made in Italy epitomises the identity and richness of our land and is shorthand for the brilliance of our artisanal maestros. Instantly recognisable in terms of style and quality, it represents a value that is understood by everyone, no matter where in the world they are. The phrase “Certified 100% Made in Italy” is a guarantee that leaves no doubt as to the quality of the product it refers to, particularly because Italy’s control of the supply chain is among the most stringent and rigorous in the world.

Every purchase of a product that is 100% Made in Italy makes a positive contribution to our economy, from raw materials through to labour, logistics and sales. The market associated with Made in Italy is one of the most profitable in the country, with a turnover that continues to increase year on year.

The global appreciation for Italian know-how, synonymous with elegance and excellence, multiplies the demand for Made in Italy-certified products and, consequently, the input of specialised craftspeople. This virtuous cycle in turn increases the labour market, the quality of production and economic performance.

It would be remiss not to also mention that behind the extraordinary breadth and depth of contemporary Made in Italy output are centuries of breathtaking art that have left an indelible imprint on our approach and way of thinking. That does not mean, however, that we rely on past glories, but instead, embrace the spirit of innovation that is in our DNA.

In Italy, we know we are fortunate to be surrounded by incredible beauty that inspired and continues to inspire artists, architects and designers and stimulate creativity and the art of reinvention.


The importance of the Made in Italy philosophy to Salvatori

The Made in Italy brand is the jewel in the crown when it comes to exports and at Salvatori we are proud to play our part by designing and producing unique and elegant high-end furniture, accessories and décor elements in natural stone.

We send Italian style, creativity and artisanal skill to all parts of the globe in the form of our products, which lend themselves to numerous moods, contexts and décor styles, and represent the magic of Made in Italy technical skill and artistic flair.

While every piece contains intrinsic Italian taste and timeless style, innovation is at the heart of what we do. We delight in taking a common object and giving it a simple twist. Items that perhaps we recall from our grandparents’ homes, such as an umbrella holder, doorstop or round coffee table, are revisited in a bold and fresh key. A perfect example is the Pietra L collection by Piero Lissoni, which takes these and other items and transforms them into practical and stylish contemporary objets d’arte.


Salvatori and Made in Italy design

From a global perspective, when it comes to interior design, you might say that Italian style has a head start, as we are fortunate enough to be able to draw upon a wealth of tradition which has never stopped evolving throughout the centuries. This adaptability and versatility make the Made in Italy brand suited to a vast range of environments in every part of the planet, generating a spontaneous sense of familiarity and belonging that cannot be quantified in economic terms, but is simply priceless.

We draw on all this in our Tuscan headquarters to create a vast range of products including new textures that are designed to resonate with lovers of Italian style. One such example is Lost Stones, by Piero Lissoni, which gives new life and beauty to abandoned or damaged slabs of natural stone.

Manufacturing skills, cutting-edge engineering technology and skilled craftsmanship make for a winning recipe that is appealing to internationally-renowned designers with whom we develop accessories, furniture and textures that contain that indefinable, much loved Italian style, no matter which continent they themselves come from.

With an eye on current and future trends, techniques and technologies, we combine tradition and innovation to come up with products that will stand the test of time. We firmly believe that quality, sustainability and technical-industrial innovation are the cornerstones of the success of Made in Italy, ensuring that we do not rest on the laurels of the past, but continue to raise the bar.

Made in Italy represents the outstanding quality and craftsmanship of Italian industry and is considered the global benchmark in quality and style. Its renowned elegance is matched by the quality of the raw materials used, resulting in products that are appreciated and coveted throughout the world.

If you are a Made in Italy fan and appreciate the timeless beauty of natural stone, we would love to help you find a perfect product. It may be a simple accessory such as a tray or bookend or something more significant, from a table to basin to a bookcase. Perhaps you want to go a step further and choose textured tiles for your walls or create a Salvatori Total Look bathroom.

We invite you to browse our website and then book a complimentary consultation with one of our experts as the first step towards injecting a touch of Made in Italy design flair into your home.

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