Tips and solutions for creating a stone bathroom 



Stone bathrooms: an elegant beauty that adapts to any style and decor

The advantages of a stone bathroom

The elegance of a natural material such as stone adapts to any style and decor, and is capable of making a room such as the bathroom cosy and classy.

Stone is an effective choice when it comes to bathroom cladding, as it is not only very durable, it is also fresh and at the same time extremely valuable. It can be used in rustic, provencal, and country style bathrooms, as well as in more modern bathrooms.

The use of stone makes it possible to create a room that is at once timeless and always contemporary. In fact, marble is a classic material that never goes out of fashion and is capable of creating spaces and furniture with a sophisticated design.

Being very versatile, stone is used to make wall and floor coverings, as well as furnishings and sanitary ware and even detailed accessories.

Luckily Salvatori can show us how it can be used, and below we can find various proposals for bathroom interior solutions in stone, along with 3 stone bathroom cladding ideas.


How to design a bathroom in stone

Natural stone can be used in a variety of ways and can be found in many bathroom elements, such as:

  • Shower trays
  • Bathtubs
  • Washbasins

Whether you prefer a comfortable shower or a more relaxing bath, marble can be used for both.
Natural stone shower trays guarantee an impressive result and are perfect if you choose to create a bathroom in the style of a SPA, especially in the floor-level version. A perfect example is the Filo shower tray by Salvatori, which is practical, refined, and easy to install. When tiling a modern bathroom, it is advisable to use dark shades such as Pietra d’Avola, which make the room look very luxurious.


The stone bathtub is also a design element for classic and elegant bathrooms and represents the union between a modern aesthetic taste and the pleasure of old things.
There are corner, built-in, or freestanding stone bathtubs, and one of those offered by Salvatori is the Balnea bathtub in both round and oval versions. This sculptural piece, carved from marble, is able to transform a bathroom into a paradise of well-being. Despite the heaviness and hardness of the material, the result is an artistic design product with soft, light lines.

An increasingly popular solution seen in luxury bathrooms is the use of stone for the creation of washbasins. Stone washbasins are a sophisticated and refined choice, perfect for any kind of context. As well as being practical and indestructible, they are also a design element that adds a unique touch to a room. While in the past they were considered the prerogative of rustic, country-style bathrooms, the stone washbasin has now become extremely versatile thanks to increasingly original shapes and the type of marble used.

The fundamental difference in terms of style is the shape of the washbasins, which can be countertop, wall-mounted, or freestanding. Some examples by Salvatori are the Ninfa countertop washbasin: an elegant natural stone basin resting on a cabinet with aluminium legs and the Stiletto washbasin: a simple rectangular washbasin with very practical and minimal lines.


Natural stone bathroom wall tiles

In this Salvatori bathroom the absolute protagonist is Crema d’Orcia, in its Levigato version for the floor covering and in Lithoverde® on the walls.

This warm and luminous material, capable of conferring calm and serenity to the entire room, was also used in the creation of all the furnishings: in the shower tray, in the Anima Wall Washbasin and in the Anima Circle Mirror. The designers of this collection have created pieces with soft lines that make the bathroom a haven of wellbeing for body and mind.


Marble and stone bathroom

As we have already pointed out, natural stone claddings can be adapted to any style and context, but above all they can also be combined with different materials.

An effective choice includes the combination of different marbles, capable of complementing each other and dampening the effect of monotony and continuity.

If you choose to combine different colours in a bathroom, Salvatori offers the solution of a dark environment with stone wall cladding in Pietra d’Avola with an Infinito finish, classic and refined.
The contrast is provided by the suspended shelf with countertop washbasin from the Anima collection, both made of Bianco Carrara marble: a rounded countertop on which rests a washbasin with a strong yet delicate profile.

The same white marble is used in the Oval Mirror and in the detailed accessories, including the shaped tray, the two boxes in high and low forms and the container, all from the Anima collection.


Stone and wood bathroom

Another excellent combination is that of bathrooms made of stone and wood, in which a traditional and rustic element such as wood finds its ideal match in a modern and elegant material such as stone.

Very often in these types of bathrooms the coverings are dark, specifically Salvatori presents a floor and a wall in Pietra d’Avola in this example, capable of conferring a very strong character to the environment.

In this context, the cylindrical Freestanding Washbasin with a front finish in ribbed wood and internal surfaces in Pietra d’Avola blends in perfectly.

If you are interested in other stone and wood bathroom solutions Salvatori dedicates the Adda collection to this combination with warm tones due to the wood, that simultaneously remain fresh thanks to their pairing with the stone.

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