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Designer bathrooms for an apartment lifestyle

In many countries, apartment living is the norm, and this sometimes means that we may face certain limitations when it comes to the bathroom. For example, it may be a standard “copy and paste” design, but why not give it a designer makeover? Often, apartment bathrooms will be on the small side, but here, too, you can create a stylish haven simply by following a few simple pieces of advice. In this article, we take a look at how to design a dream modern bathroom.


The importance of precise planning when designing an apartment bathroom

When it comes to bathrooms, perhaps more than any other room in the home, exceptionally precise planning is required in terms of attention to detail in the design. You need to closely evaluate every scenario and double check measurements, layout, practical issues and so forth. This is not the occasion for making rash decisions that may come back to haunt you, costing time and money because you hadn’t thought it through.

To design a bathroom that is elegant, modern and practical, you will inevitably need to call on professionals, rather than try a DIY approach. However, that said, there are certain guidelines you can follow to design a bathroom that is a pleasure to use.


Design advice for a practical but stylish bathroom

Planning a bathroom makeover can be fun, and it is easy to get carried away thinking it is relatively simple at first, but the reality is somewhat different, especially in an apartment context. There are a few key pieces of advice to follow if you want to end up with a modern designer bathroom. Each of them is equally fundamental to achieving a pleasing result, so let’s take a look at them one by one.


Things to consider when choosing sanitaryware

The choice of sanitaryware is one which needs to be made with care, as it combines functionality and aesthetics. Comprising showers, basins, bathtubs and bidets, it is a category that is generally governed by building laws, but there are also design “rules” that should be respected, when it comes to shape, colour and the space between each element. Given that apartment bathrooms will often be on the smaller side, it often means compromises, but there are numerous designer basin and vanity solutions on the market that work even in the most bijou of bathrooms. Whether you opt for a retro-style countertop basin or a space-saving wall-hung sink, there is something for every apartment.


Use lighter colours in a small bathroom

Bathrooms in pale colours are generally considered a modern solution, but we are not just talking about white. While an all-white bathroom is very popular, and without doubt can create a modern, minimalist look, there are many other colours that are a warmer variation on the theme. For example, a creamy pale stone like Crema d’Orcia or a travertine offer a number of advantages. The key point is that lighter colours not only make a space appear larger than it is, but add timeless elegance to a bathroom, particularly when you opt for a Total Look solution.


A feature wall in a small bathroom

One easy but highly striking way to create an elegant contemporary bathroom, even in the smallest apartment, is to install a feature wall. It could be by using a different type of material, such as stone or wallpaper instead of paint, or, in all-stone bathroom, choose a striking texture, which will also help add depth.

Another interesting option is to hang either one eye-catching piece of art or a series of pictures and photographs, making a kind of miniature gallery wall.


The importance of bathroom accessories

Another key piece of advice to consider when designing a small bathroom in an apartment is to really think about the role of accessories, from mirrors and lighting down to smaller objects such as soap dishes, toothbrush holders and towel rails. They may be small details, but bathroom accessories should be both functional and work in harmony with the overall look and atmosphere, as they will add the final flourishes that complement and define the room’s style.


Apartment living and open-plan bathroom

Rather than a guideline, we’d like to offer a suggestion if your apartment is spacious enough, why not think about an open-plan bathroom? It may not be for everyone, but it can be a stunning and even theatrical solution, that optimises space and creates a haven in the comfort of your home. Key to this kind of solution is having at least one “wow” item such as a freestanding bathtub or basin.


A bathroom niche

While an open-plan bathroom can be an intriguing solution, at the other end of the spectrum is a niche, a cosy, intimate layout that is assuredly modern and extremely user-friendly.

No matter how small your apartment or bathroom is, there are plenty of solutions for a stylish, inviting haven. We have shared a handful of ideas to help you think about how you might give your own bathroom a makeover, but we would always suggest seeking the input of a design professional who will consider not only the aesthetic aspect but also the tricky technical details when it comes to bathroom layouts.

If you have any questions or would appreciate further advice about how to create a dream bathroom in your apartment, please get in touch. One of our design consultants will be delighted to help.

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