3 creative ways to use a bookcase to add the X factor to your living room



All you need to transform your living room is a modern bookcase and the right accessories. We share our tips

Transform your living room with a modern bookcase

A large bookcase is a must-have item of furniture not only for book lovers, but for anyone who wants to create a warm, more personal look in their home. Where once upon a time shelving units were consigned to a study with the sole function to hold books, things have changed over time and in modern homes, they have become a versatile object, used both to display precious mementos or accessories and to optimise room layouts.
In this article, we take a look at some of the ways they can transform a living room.


The benefits of a modern bookcase

Bookcases are not only a functional addition to a room, and in fact have a long history. In olden days they often took the form of elaborate cabinets with glass fronts to protect the leather bindings and tended to be found in the homes of the wealthy. Then there was a boom in the nineteenth century when the industrial revolution led to large-scale production and demand. From the early models in wood, the bookcase evolved and started to occupy more space and greater importance in our homes, to the point they became a designer item of furniture.

In recent decades we have seen the emergence of a number of different styles, from old-fashioned or antique to contemporary, from minimalist to baroque, ensuring something for every different taste and need. Modern bookcases have a number of advantages, starting with the obvious one, ie that they create order and neatness, but also including the contribution they make to the style and personality of a room.

In other words, bookcases lend balance and perspective, regardless of the size of their setting. In a small living room, they optimise space, while they can calibrate and add to the décor itself. But, as always, the best way to explain such concepts is to look at some examples.


Inject personality into your décor with the right bookcase

Choosing a shelving unit and its accessories depends on the mood you want to create in the room. Some prefer a warm, colourful décor that makes a statement, while others tend towards more refined, understated looks. The good news is that there will always be a bookcase or shelving solution that suits.

In the world of design, it is relatively easy to find them in a range of colours that draw the eye end liven up the décor, no matter what they hold. If you prefer more neutral or subdued shelving, however, you can instead play with the placement or choice of books and accessories you display in it. For example, you may choose to arrange books by colour and create an interesting rainbow of spines. This option works best against a background in a neutral shade.

Alternatively, if you are a fan of a more minimalist approach, you may opt for a tone-on-tone solution, in which the actual structure of your bookcase blends into the background. In this instance, the choice of bookcase takes on greater importance and ideally will be a single colour. So, for a dark wall, for example, you might choose something like our Colonnata in its Pietra d’Avola version, and then, to further emphasise the look, arrange a handful of elements in the same colour, such as candles or ornaments.


Use art and accessories to bring your bookcase to life

As we so often say, an important ingredient of “style” is knowing how to hit the right balance between voids and solids. This principle holds particularly true when it comes to large items of furniture, such as bookcases. There’s no need to fill them to capacity, but instead, the trick is to alternate books with quality small accessories or objects that create an artistic sense of space.

Examples of the ideal type of objects include designer bookends, photo frames, fragrance diffusers and small pieces of artwork or sculpture. You could almost create miniature stage sets, with a different theme in each. A shelf or compartment devoted to art could include pieces such as the iconic bottles from the Omaggio a Morandi series, which as the name suggests, is a homage to famous art of the 1900s, while devotees of Oriental culture might create a section featuring the delicate bowls of the Japanese Collection alongside novels and travel books about the Far East.

As you can see, there’s plenty of scope to let your personal taste and imagination out to play, but you should try to ensure that the various themes work together.


Create a green corner

It has been widely demonstrated that introducing a touch of green in the form of plants or flowers into a room can providing a calming influence and help reduce stress. With more people than ever working from home, this is particularly relevant, and the perfect excuse to place vases and plant pots on the shelves of our contemporary bookcases for a touch that is most definitely on trend.

Before going green-crazy, it’s always a good idea to think about the natural light that reaches the bookcase so that you can choose the right plants. Another tip is to always keep an eye on water levels so that it doesn’t seep out and ruin nearby items or even the surface below. Remember that some materials, such as natural stone, can stain if stagnant or dirty water accumulates for extended periods.

And, if you don’t have green fingers, the good news is that there are plenty of pot plants, such as sansevieria and pothos, that don’t require too much in the way of care. However, if even these seem too daunting, you can opt for an artificial flower or perhaps a single leaf placed in a designer vase, for example a piece from our Mono collection. And just like that, you have a lovely touch of green.

These three ideas for using a modern bookcase to add a creative touch to your décor are designed to set the creative juices flowing and help you think about how you can add personality and function to your home. What you place in them will also make a big difference, so for ideas of designer accessories for the home, we invite you to browse our website. Our Home Collection is brimming with elegant objects that add that perfect Made in Italy design touch to your home.

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