Cabinet and storage solution ideas for an organic modern living room décor



Modular cabinet and storage solutions are not only décor elements per se, but also reflect the elegance and practicality that are the hallmarks of the modern organic design approach

The role of modular furniture in an organic modern living room décor

The spotlight in this article is on modular storage solutions for the living room, meaning we venture into territory where design and functionality are intrinsically linked.

In modern homes, the living room goes beyond its traditional function as an area for relaxing and socialising, to represent a stage where owners can express their taste and personality.

Modular storage systems play a key role in doing so as they provide a practical solution when it comes to keeping the space neat and orderly, but the important thing is that they also deliver from an aesthetic point of view.


The key principles of organic modern design

Organic modern design is based on blending natural shapes and clean lines to create contemporary décors that respect and reflect the beauty of the natural world.

At the heart of its philosophy is the use of authentic materials such as natural stone and wood, both of which are durable and able to establish a dialogue with the setting in question.

In the context of storage furniture and furnishings such as modular drawers and shelving units, organic modern design tends to mean pieces that simultaneously address practical needs and make an aesthetic contribution to the décor.

When you are deciding upon such elements, natural materials allow you to express your originality, offer you the chance to connect with nature and deliver functionality.


Modular solutions as part of contemporary design

In contemporary interior design, modularity is a key principle, particularly when it comes to living room furniture, where versatility and adaptability in terms of function and style play a crucial role.

This is because it allows you scope to change your décor without having to make major investments each time, simply by adding, removing or reconfiguring the furniture’s components.

Combining aesthetics, flexibility and practical solutions, both the Hito and Adda collections epitomise this to perfection.
Piero Lissoni’s Hito is a celebration of the fact that every single person has differing needs and grooming rituals, and addresses this through a minimalist, Japanese-inspired design that combines materials such as natural stone, wood and glass.

It consists of a comprehensive range of components including modular drawers that make space organisation a breeze. Launched during Milan Design Week last year, it will once again be centre stage at this year’s edition when a new design will be unveiled.


The Adda collection has also been revisited and visitors to Design Week will be able to see the subtle tweaks for themselves, including the introduction of Grey Oak and Pale Oak variants to the repertoire of materials.

What hasn’t changed however is the artful combination of warm wood and the classic coolness of stone and the harmonious balance between contemporary and classic design, expressed to perfection in the modular drawers, which are available in a range of sizes.

If you’re going to be in Milan next month, Design Week 2024 is the perfect opportunity to get up close and personal to the Hito and Adda collections and explore the myriad of customisable options they offer. Simply visit our showroom at via Solferino, in the heart of the Brera district, any day between 16 and 21 April.


Natural stone living room storage solutions

Natural stone is a popular choice with interior designers, for its versatility, durability and stunning aesthetic. With its incredible range of colours and veined patterns that tell a story going back thousands of years, it is also a great material for living room cabinets and storage solutions.

Limestones including Silk Georgette® and Pietra d’Avola and marbles such as classic Bianco Carrara and dramatic grey Grigio Versilia open up a world of possibilities. Exuding understated luxury, they tick all the right boxes for an organic modern living room décor.

Whether you choose our Balnea drawers, the Theca glass display cabinet or a striking Colonnata bookcase, you’ll find a solution that effortlessly reflects Made in Italy design flair and a timeless pared-back “less is more” aesthetic that ensures you can enjoy your choice for decades to come.

At Salvatori, we believe that products should combine function and form, because when we surround ourselves in our homes with objects that are both useful and beautiful, it has a positive effect on our wellbeing. Everyday aesthetics make an enormous difference to our mood, after all!

If you’re looking for living room storage solutions that aren’t only practical and versatile, but also reflect your personal style, we invite you to browse the Home Collection section of our website.

Even better, if you are attending Milan Design Week, why not visit our showroom at via Solferino 11 in the heart of the Brera district, and discover a world of elegant, innovative products in gorgeous natural stone and more.

We’ll be open from 10 am until 9 pm from Tuesday 16 to Sunday 21 April as part of Fuorisalone.

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