The advantages of natural stone for living room walls



Natural stone walls can transform your living room into a stylish, welcoming space, but this wonderful material also offers a number of practical advantages

The advantages of natural stone for living room walls

If you are looking to create elegance and personality in your living room, cladding your walls in natural stone is a perfect solution that includes advantages that go beyond mere aesthetics. This is a strategic space as it is both intimate and yet sociable and, in many ways, it sets the tone for the entire home. That means that the choice of walls should be considered with care as they will become the backdrop to family life and precious moments and memories.


Why natural stone is a great solution for the living room

The living room is an element of our lives that we share with friends and guests, and it is where our taste and style is on show, which is why it is the room of the house where we often invest a little more in creating a welcoming and stylish environment. While furniture and accessories speak loudly about our taste and preferences, we shouldn’t forget the impact that walls can have, especially thinking about colour and texture.

A versatile solution is natural stone, a material that works equally well in large and small rooms, as long as you follow a couple of basic guidelines, namely, that in the latter case you opt for pale colours to amplify the perception of space and make it appear larger. Ideally, you should also ensure the light washes across the surface to give movement to the walls and depth to the entire space.

Aesthetics aside, there are a number of other advantages to natural stone living room walls, including its capacity to delineate the environment, to create a feeling of something a little special in this shared, convivial part of the home, and the sense of intimacy it fosters.


Delineate living room zones with natural stone walls

A large, airy living room injects freshness into the entire home. It often encompasses different zones designed to foster socialising and relaxing, each with their own focal point. It might be a divan where you chat with friends and family, or a fireplace flanked by armchairs for a cosy reading nook, or maybe a large table for convivial meals with guests.

Cladding a portion of the wall in stone helps to delineate these areas in an elegant and discreet manner whilst maintaining an overall harmony, instead of breaking up the space with partial walls or dividers.

Other ideas including framing the television set with a gorgeous stone wall, using the same stone for both floor and walls to create a continuum of colours, or choosing a distinctive texture on one wall and making a feature of it.

This versatility is just one of the advantages of choosing natural stone for the living room walls, a choice that makes a dramatic difference to the look and feel of the room without requiring a major overhaul or structural intervention.


Feel at one with nature with natural stone interior walls

Natural stone tiles transmit a timeless beauty and are intrinsically linked to nature. Maybe that is because their origins recall open spaces and breathtaking mountain views, or perhaps it is because we think about all the extraordinary buildings and monuments built from stone over the centuries.

Using natural stone on your living room walls also brings practical advantages. First of all, it is extremely hardwearing and stands up well to wear and tear, scratches and scrapes. The application of a water-oil-repellent treatment offers partial protection from stains. In general, it is low-maintenance, but the trick is to clean it regularly and use the right products to ensure it preserves its beauty over the decades, because its longevity is another of its strong points.

Another important point to add is that natural stone is surprisingly efficient in terms of insulation, particularly in summer when it is scorching hot outside, while inside your stone-clad living room, it is lovely and cool.


Plenty of scope to find your perfect style with natural stone

Returning to aesthetics, if we are talking about the benefits of natural stone, this is where it really shines. It comes in an extraordinary range of colours and textures, from warm tones such as Crema d’Orcia and Imperiale through to cool whites and greys such as Bianco Carrara and Gris du Marais®, meaning there is a solution for every décor style and colour scheme.

Then, of course, there is the wonderful veining with which Mother Nature decorates every block, which in turn translates into unique slabs and tiles. When you choose natural stone for your living room walls, you know that the resulting look is truly one of a kind.

Another special characteristic of stone is the way it diffuses luminosity in a space and creates discreet interplays of light that can completely transform a room. We would always recommend you pay careful attention to the living room lighting design as when it is done well, it adds an element of magic.

Another aspect that can create the X factor with stone is texture and here, the world is your oyster. You can play it safe with a simple honed finish, choose elegant or surprising textures or mix them up, for a dynamic and truly striking effect.

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