5 tips for looking after a natural stone sink or basin



It’s hard not to fall in love with a beautiful basin or sink in marble or natural stone

It’s hard not to fall in love with a beautiful basin or sink in marble or natural stone, but we often get asked “is it difficult to look after?”. We’re happy to reply that cleaning a basin made from natural stone isn’t at all arduous and in fact requires no more care than other materials.

Every basin which leaves our site in Tuscany is treated with a protective sealer designed to repel water and oil-based stains, however like any basin a little TLC will go a long way to ensuring it remains looking beautiful for years.


1. The first and most crucial rule is to wipe down the basin at least once a week using a sponge or soft cloth and a neutral cleaner for the stone itself. Around the plug hole we’d suggest an old toothbrush. It’s this regular cleaning which ensures that soap scum and lime scale don’t have the chance to build up and congeal as that’s when they become tough to remove.

2. It’s also important to wipe up any pools of water which form either on the basin top or in the basin as if they sit there for prolonged periods they may create watermarks.


3. If you spill a product which could potentially stain, wipe it off immediately before it has a chance to sink into the stone and become ingrained. The sealant we use creates a temporary barrier to slow down the absorption, but it’s always best to act promptly. Examples of products which could stain are coffee, tea, red wine, nail polish remover, some self-tan lotions and, at the risk of stating the obvious, hair dye.

4. Remember that natural stone is exactly that: it’s natural and doesn’t have a great relationship with acids, bleach and alcohol or any harsh products, including lime scale removers and abrasive products. All these should definitely be avoided.

5. One of the great properties of stone is that it stands up to hard wear and tear, so you can use a scrubbing brush on the without fear of causing damage, however please don’t use steel wool or scouring pads.


However, if you do find a particular stubborn stain, we recommend FILA PS87 which can be found in most markets. If you are unable to source it, please feel free to contact us on customercare@salvatori.it.

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