5 tips for decorating a small bathroom



Transform a small bathroom into your own private sanctuary in gorgeous natural stone with these 5 essential rules

5 tips for making the most of a small bathroom

A small bathroom doesn’t have to mean sacrificing aesthetics for functionality. You really can have both, and that’s something that should be important in the room that perhaps more than any other, is synonymous with your sense of wellbeing. We’ve put together a list of five simple but effective rules to follow if you want to transform a small space into a stunning and practical sanctuary.

And because we think natural stone really is the best material for any bathroom, we’re starting with the assumption that you feel the same, so our tips are presented against this context!


Think carefully about layout

The first rule is to study the layout of the room with meticulous care. Think about its shape, and the position of the door and any windows, and then choose the most compact sanitaryware possible so that you make the most of the space you have to work with.

You will almost certainly need to go for a shower over a bathtub, and a good tip here is to choose a flush version so that you avoid the annoying thickness and height that can interrupt the visual flow of the space. Our Filo Flush is a great solution here, as it comes in a range of colours and sizes and can be combined with walls and floor in the same stone, so that you end up with a “total look”. This can really help amplify the sense of space. As a bonus, the Filo Flush shower tray is incredibly easy to install.


Choose wall and floor coverings with care

When it comes to playing with perceptions of space, wall and floor coverings play a key role. While recent trends favour oversize tiles, if you’re working with a bathroom that’s on the bijou side, you are better off using smaller tiles, then introduce texture to add movement and depth. Aside from the aesthetic benefits, smaller formats are more versatile and easier to lay, especially when it comes to tricky corners and odd-shaped layouts.

Textures such as our new Patchwork are perfect for creating something a little out of the ordinary in this context. Designed by Piero Lissoni, it introduces a three-dimensional effect without eating up valuable space. It is also great fun to work with because you get to choose your own pattern and let your creative flair run wild. Last but certainly not least, its green credentials are impeccable as it is made from offcuts of existing iconic textures, meaning it contributes to reaching zero waste status.


Opt for pale colours

A simple but highly effective trick when it comes to small bathrooms is to choose a pale colour and use it in varying shades. White, cream and light grey are timeless, elegant shades that amplify a space by illuminating every corner and reflecting the light. They also happen to be the colours of some of our most iconic stones, because we believe in the understated beauty of more sober tones.

Discreet colours don’t have to be bland or monotonous, however. Simply add accent tones or choose a texture to inject interest and alter perception. Plissé, by Elisa Ossino, is a favourite with interior designers because when it is installed vertically, its sharp pleats make the ceiling appear higher, while laying Lithoverde® horizontally helps make a room seem wider.


Don’t underestimate the power of light

Many bathrooms don’t have a window, or the window is on the small side, meaning lighting takes on a more important role than ever. The aim should be to reproduce a natural light effect as far as it is possible. There are a number of options, including spotlights, wall lights and indirect light sources with their rays directed onto the walls and ceiling.

While LED strips and spotlights are increasingly popular, if you are lucky enough to have a high ceiling in your bathroom, it’s the perfect opportunity to inject a theatrical flourish with a dramatic suspended light fitting or even a chandelier. The Silo lets you experiment and decide on whether you want a single cylinder of gorgeous natural stone or a composition of three or even more. Whichever you choose, it will add instant contemporary style and beautiful soft light.


Remember that less is more

A small bathroom is not the place to fill with accessories. You need to choose just a couple of pieces, so that you avoid a cluttered look. A mirror is, of course, an absolute must in the bathroom, and ideally you want a balanced geometric shape to enhance the clean look, so a round or square mirror will generally work best.

Placed directly above a beautiful pedestal or column basin in natural stone, you instantly create the focal point of the bathroom. A backlit mirror from the Anima range by Yabu Pushelberg, combined with a basin from the same collection make for an eye-pleasing combination of fluid lines and soft curves that instantly make you feel relaxed and soothed.

In conclusion, designing a small bathroom can be simple and rewarding if you follow the five key rules and understand how to choose materials, textures, colours and accessories that enhance this small but important space.

At Salvatori, we think the bathroom deserves love, care and great design, no matter how small it is, which is why we offer a comprehensive range of solutions including modular pieces with built-in storage so you can make the most of every precious inch of space, without sacrificing aesthetics.

If you would like to transform your bathroom into a gorgeous haven, we invite you to browse the bathroom section of our website for inspiration, or contact us for a complimentary consultation. We’d be delighted to help you design your dream bathroom!

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