5 ideas for designer Christmas decorations



Are you looking to do something a little different when it comes to decorating your home this Christmas? Discover 5 ideas to help you create designer festive flair

5 must-read ideas for an original and stylish designer Christmas décor

Christmas is the moment when we get together with our nearest and dearest to share gifts and joy but, most of all, to spend quality time with them. Part of the entire festive season also revolves around decorating our homes, decking them out in seasonal colour and style to create that Christmas feeling to welcome friends and family.

Of course, part of the charm and tradition can be the slightly kitsch decorations that are synonymous with this time of the year, but if you want to create something a little more stylish, it can be a little more challenging. To create Christmas décor that is not too overwhelming, yet expresses seasonal happiness and love, it is important to pay attention to the details, with, unsurprisingly, colour the crucial element.

So, what are the most appropriate colours and how can we use them to decorate your home for Christmas with elegance and design flair?


Christmas colours for a joyous and stylish festive season

How shall we decorate the house this Christmas? Perhaps one of the most frequently asked questions at this time of the year, it is certainly understandable as we get into the festive mood and December comes ever closer.

As we established above, the first aspect to consider for your Christmas décor theme is colour. Most people will probably automatically opt for red, your typical Christmas colour, but there are a host of others that are in keeping with the theme, such as white, gold, green and brown.

Given that it is the season to be jolly, after all, we would recommend avoiding a monochromatic approach and instead choose a balanced combination of colours that convey warmth, harmony and peace. It is also worth remembering at this point that your decorations are going to stay up for a month or so, depending on the tradition in your country or household, so you want to ensure they are not too bland or boring. Here in Italy, for example, we tend to put up our decorations on 8 December and take them down on 6 January.

With the palette of colours that will express warmth, love and serenity established, the next step is to take a look at how to bring them to life with 5 designer Christmas decoration ideas.


Mono: a trio of festive colours

With their simple rounded shapes and variety of colours, the trio of Mono vases make for elegant Christmas décor pieces. A soft pink, a vibrant green and a more muted green-grey fit the seasonal theme to perfection.


Lui&Lei: a contrast of warmth and coolness

A touch of contrast is a welcome touch, so what better than something from the Lui&Lei collection, designed for us by Vincent Van Duysen. Combining the coolness of white marble with the warmth of dark eco-leather, the series includes a candle holder, a paperweight and a gorgeous round tray that is perfect for serving festive refreshments.


The Village: a world of colour

What could be more perfect to decorate a modern home than a collection of colourful miniature homes designed by artists from around the world? The Village collection of houses not only inject warmth and light at a visual level, but also represents the spirit of togetherness that becomes more important than ever at Christmas time.


The Bugia candle holder: I’m dreaming of a white Christmas

The Bugia candle holder is a unique piece. Simple yet elegant, it is a contemporary interpretation of old oil lamps, making it a particularly perfect fit for a Christmas theme. With its main body in Bianco Carrara marble and an iron handle providing a practical and iconic flourish, it can be placed around the home, from the bedroom to the living room to the kitchen.


Urano: designer lighting

Like the star on the Christmas tree, we have left our Urano lamp to last. This perfect sphere of exquisite Bianco Carrara carved and smoothed to a wafer-thin finish adds an ethereal, atmospheric glow, whether you choose the floor lamp or a smaller version.

The above ideas represent just some of the ways that you can create a designer Christmas decoration theme. Browse our Christmas list where you will find a host of products to bring Made in Italy style to your festive season, or contact our team who will be happy to take you through more inspiring ideas.

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