3 stunning natural stones for a designer bathroom



Gorgeous marbles and limestones in a palette of elegant neutral colours are the ideal solution for a dream bathroom. Discover our top 3 choices

How to choose the perfect stone for a designer bathroom

Natural stone tiles are a fantastic solution for interiors if you are looking to create harmonious elegant environments, whether we are talking about a bathroom, a living room or kitchen. The important thing to keep in mind, however, is the way we use the various spaces in our home, as certain types of stone may be more suitable for the wear and tear, conditions and types of usage it is exposed to.

In this article, we put the spotlight on the bathroom, with a look at some of the variants of natural stone best suited to this important space.


The special characteristics of natural stone

A natural stone bathroom has a certain charm and sophistication that other materials find hard to emulate. It manages to be both welcoming and sophisticated and, importantly in this age of a disposable attitude to products, it retains a timeless beauty that never goes out of style. This is largely due to the palette of eye-pleasing colours and the way the surface of the stone changes with the light, ensuring you never get bored of it.

There is another element of stone that makes it so fascinating, and this comes in the form of the characteristics of the various types. This extraordinary natural material contains a vast array of unique elements, such as holes, fossils and tiny “imperfections”, all of which distinguish one stone from another.

Another aspect to be prized is the wealth of tonal variations, but this can also present a pitfall if you don’t know how to choose your stone, or lay tiles so that they create a cohesive effect. This is something we are particularly aware of when selecting slabs or tiles for our clients. There is a fine balance between optimising the wonderful nuances of colour and ending up with a surface where certain tiles are jarring on their eye because they are dramatically different from the others.

With all that said, what are the best natural stones for a truly gorgeous and practical bathroom?


3 types of natural stone suitable for bathrooms

The first thing to say here is that all our stones, whether marbles or limestones, are selected and treated with a protective product, bearing in mind that they will be used in a bathroom, and as such, are all well-suited to this type of environment. However, we think that 3 in particular come out on top when it comes to that elusive combination of aesthetics and performance, and they are Bianco Carrara, Gris du Marais® and Pietra d’Avola.

Each of these is generally chosen for the characteristics that make it unique in its category. For example, Bianco Carrara is an exceptionally hardwearing and practical marble. Gris du Marais®, also a marble, is selected for its low level of absorbency, while Pietra d’Avola may be a limestone, but it has a very low absorption level that makes it particularly suited for bathrooms.

So, now that we have identified three ideal stones for use in the bathroom, let’s take a look at each in a little more detail and see just how they can be used to stylish (and practical) effect.


A cool white designer bathroom in Bianco Carrara

A bathroom in Bianco Carrara marble is always a winning choice for many reasons, but the most compelling is the sheer beauty of this timeless material. After all, it is a truly historic stone that has been used throughout the centuries for architectural marvels and many of the world’s most famous sculptures. It is as relevant today as it was when Michelangelo used it for his revered David hundreds of years ago, and its versatility makes it an enduring design star that is the basis for stunning textures, effects and looks.

Beyond its undeniable beauty and extraordinary history, Bianco Carrara boasts a number of other advantages that make it a popular choice for bathrooms. It is extremely tough and resistant to abrasions, while its low level of absorbency means that it can easily stand up to frequent contact with water.

Another benefit is that it can withstand low temperature, making it suitable for outdoor use and an excellent choice for terraces or around a swimming pool, for example.


An elegant grey bathroom in Gris du Marais®

For luxury bathrooms, it is hard to look past Gris du Marais®, an unusual marble with a dappled surface in shades of greyish brown that change with the light. The word “unique” is often overused, but it is hard to imagine another natural stone that can compare with the fascinating patterns and sensation of understated luxury that are intrinsic to this very special marble.

With high abrasion resistance and flexural strength and a low absorbency level, Gris du Marais® is ideal for high-end bathrooms, whether in private homes or refined hotels. Its muted colour palette makes it a versatile stone that can be combined with a range of other tones and materials, so it is little surprise that it is a popular choice with interior designers for residential and commercial projects alike.


A refined, atmospheric bathroom haven in Pietra d’Avola

While Bianco Carrara and Gris du Marais® are both marbles, Pietra d’Avola is a limestone and while that would usually mean a rather high level of absorbency, it is not the case at all for Pietra d’Avola, which is why it features in our Top 3 of natural stones recommended for bathrooms.

With its intense chocolatey-brown tones, it is the ideal material for inviting, moody bathroom environments, while its low absorbency means it poses no problem when it is exposed to water.

Its gorgeous rich dark surface is peppered with subtle colour variations and tiny “imperfections” that range from white to pale yellow, giving it a strong, imposing character that simultaneously creates a sense of intimacy and solidity.

So, that’s a look at three beautiful natural stones that are hardwearing and strong enough to stand up to the wear and tear and watery conditions that every bathroom is inevitably exposed to. Whether you are a fan of cool, classic white or a warmer darker grey or brown, we have a palette of colours and stones that are your perfect starting point for a gorgeous designer bathroom.

If you have any questions about these, or any other stone, and their suitability, please get in touch and one of our team of experts will be delighted to help.

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