Roman Holiday


An ode to natural light, elegant design and the timeless beauty of the Italian capital

There is a reason that Rome is nicknamed the Eternal City. Time seems to stand still in the Italian capital, and the past and the present encounter each other around every corner, along the banks of the Tiber River and in the numerous piazzas of all shapes and sizes. Monuments to ancient times are juxtaposed with contemporary life in a potpourri of treasures nestled against Rome’s famous seven hills.

A living, permanent theatre set, the city has been immortalised in a myriad of films, allowing us to lose ourselves in its maze of streets and come to know iconic landmarks such as the Trevi Fountain, Piazza di Spagna, Forum and, of course, the Coliseum. The centre is brimming with history and famous addresses, one of which is the glorious Piazza Navona, and it is in this neighbourhood, tucked away in a tiny side street, that we find a centuries-old attic apartment that has been renovated in Salvatori style.

The luminous white tones of Bianco Carrara combine with the light that floods in through oversize windows to create an airy, magical atmosphere. The simple act of preparing your morning coffee takes on a dreamlike sensation as you sit at the kitchen island, surrounded by walls in Plissé texture, enveloped in a tranquil sea of white that is interrupted only by the warm dark tones of Stone Parquet in Pietra d’Avola. This satisfying combination of cool white walls and chocolatey brown flooring is found throughout the apartment, creating a perfectly-pitched interplay of light and shadow.

When you wake up in such a soothing, elegant environment, how can you not spring out of bed, full of energy, and head out to sample the extraordinary beauty of the city? Nothing starts off the day better than an early morning stroll through Piazza Navona to the Pantheon, continuing to the Trevi Fountain before heading up towards the Quirinale and on to the eclectic neighbourhood of Monti where you might linger to enjoy a spot of shopping in the vintage boutiques and a convivial lunch.

Later in the day, as the sun goes down, you may decide to exit again, inevitably taking in more treasures of Rome’s imperial past. No matter how many times you pass the Coliseum and the Forum, they always fill you with a sense of wonder and history. Then, why not continue across the river to the vibrant Trastevere area, formerly a humble and charming neighbourhood that has been transformed into a lively hotspot filled with the buzz of bars and restaurants.

Rome is a sumptuous city, teeming with life and scattered with imposing monuments. Everywhere you go, you feel as though you are touching history, and a day exploring its wonders is rewarding but can also be tiring, especially during the hot summer months. Our apartment represents a welcome haven, with its interiors designed to maximise natural light, interspersed with dark, luxurious stone to create a welcoming sanctuary.

Nowhere epitomises this approach better than the two bathrooms. The ensuite is a compact but stylish ode to white, with its Balnea basin in Bianco Carrara marble, Plissé texture adding depth and elegant accessories, including Spaghetti tapware.

In contrast, the main bathroom is a deliciously dark symphony of Pietra d’Avola, in Infinito on the walls, and in a freestanding Anima bathtub and double-basin solution from the same collection. The combination of dark brown and the smooth, fluid shapes of the fittings and accessories creates a sense of understated luxury that fosters wellness and wellbeing. Life really does feel like a wonderful holiday in such a setting.


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