Montauk magic in Long Island


The charming coastal village of Montauk, Long Island, is the setting for a beachfront home featuring an organic modern décor by Salvatori

Tucked away at the furthest point of Long Island, New York, Montauk is famed for its majestic dunes, breathtaking views and vibrant artistic and cultural scene. A haven where the sea meets the land and the lines of contemporary design blend with the shapes of nature, time seems to stand still here.

In the heart of this charming enclave is a deceptively understated home with a Salvatori décor. Our aim was that it should meld into the coastal environment without any hints of ostentation that could jar with the natural context.

By following the principles of organic modern interior design, with its focus on pared-back details and clean forms, we sought to create a balance between indoors and outdoors. This means using minimalist geometric shapes, muted neutral colours, open floor plans and natural materials for a décor that becomes part of the natural environment rather than dominating it.

The luminous sky and colours of a Montauk dawn are truly something special and something we kept in mind in designing the décor for the open space living area where oversize sliding glass doors give you a front-row view of Nature’s daily spectacle as you sip your morning coffee.

Key to organic modern design is creating a sense of tranquillity, and natural materials in neutral tones play an important part here. The walls of the living room are finished in our Stone Tatami textures in Silk Georgette®, a serene greige limestone with elegant swathes of veining. Providing contrast is the fireplace wall in chocolatey dark brown Pietra d’Avola limestone in Rain, a texture with gentle undulations that lend a sense of fluidity to the space.
The sofa, armchairs and Dritto coffee table in Bianco Carrara marble are grouped in front of the fireplace, making for an inviting space in which to chat with friends, read a book or simply contemplate the garden and beyond.

The right accessories also impact the overall décor, and in keeping with the principles of organic modern design, we opted for “less is more”, choosing streamlined, simple pieces that nevertheless draw the eye, such as the whimsical Archimera miniature house and bottles from the Omaggio a Morandi collection.

On the other side of the open plan living zone, the Pliss cabinet in Gris du Marais® marble is an elegant storage solution. Rather than cluttering its top with too many objects, we selected just a handful, including the vivid and original Precioso photo frame by Stephen Burks.
On the wall above are a pair of pieces from the Intarsi wall art collection, their contrast of dark and white stone in stark geometric shapes demonstrating the power of simplicity when it comes to art.

The combination of elements, colours and materials make for a soothing, relaxing atmosphere that ensures you ease into the day feeling at peace with yourself and the world. This is the magic of modern organic décor.

The theme continues in the master bathroom, where the creamy soft tones of the honed Crema d’Orcia limestone floor and vanity units are offset to perfection by the Pietra d’Avola walls in Romboo texture.

The Anima collection by Yabu Pushelberg is all about organic, fluid lines, making its washbasin, modular drawers and backlit mirror ideal solutions in this natural context. Even the accessories such as the toothbrush holder and soap dish respect the organic approach, while Spaghetti tapware adds a touch of discreet elegance.

Star of the show is the Anima bathtub in Crema d’Orcia stone, strategically positioned in the centre of the room with an uninterrupted view of the garden and the sea peeping between the trees.

Tempting as it is to enjoy a long soak, sometimes a quick, invigorating shower is called for, and this is catered for in the second bathroom. Once again, muted neutral colours are to the fore, with the fascinating nuances of Silk Georgette® reflecting the sunlight that floods in through the large window.
Completing the décor are the Punto washbasin, Filo shower tray and a selection of accessories from the Fontane Bianche collection.

When you’re ready to leave the cocoon-like embrace of your home, the charms of Montauk await, from a stroll along the beach with the sand between your toes or a visit to the iconic lighthouse to a bracing surf in the mighty Atlantic Ocean.
And then, as evening falls, it’s time to relax on the patio, surrounded by the soothing tones of Crema d’Orcia and simply enjoy watching the sun go down.


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