Dorset House 


In a frenetic world where the pace never seems to stop, the brief was to create a tranquil, soothing atmosphere, regardless of the thousands of people who would pass through the space each day. Discover how interior designer Stanley Kwok used Salvatori stone to achieve this.

Can you tell us in your own words a little about the project? What was the inspiration behind the design?
This project is a new space inside Dorset House, one of the office buildings in Taikoo Place, the cutting-edge commercial hub developed by Swire. It’s a passage that connects to the new park and a new dining destination beneath the main office lobby.

It seems that everyone in Hong is always in a rush. People are either rushing to a meeting or rushing to catch the train and even if they’re not in a rush, they get caught up in everyone else’s frenetic mood.

I wanted to slow people down. I took inspiration from the cobblestone roads you find in Old Europe. Because of the uneven surface, people tend to automatically slow down and when this happens, they start to enjoy the new restaurants and to relax. This space is an escape.

Why did you choose Salvatori?
Salvatori was introduced to me by Federico from Architectural Skin in Hong Kong. It was love at first sight, and I have now used Salvatori in a number of projects. I love the stone finishes, textures and shapes which are really unique. I always design with the philosophy “drama is in the detail” and Salvatori is the perfect fit.

How did you find the experience of working with Salvatori?
Working with Salvatori is fantastic, especially with Federico and Asuka from Architectural Skin. They were super helpful and knowledgeable.

Is the client happy with the end result?
The client is extremely happy. To be honest, at the beginning they weren’t sure about the choice of Stone Parquet as they were concerned about using “pillow edge” stone flooring in a large public space like this. Eventually we managed to convince them and the result is amazing.

And, a final question that is a little off-topic, but are you happy to share your 10 favourite songs that you listen to when you’re designing or looking for inspiration?
Here you go:

  • All Too Well, Taylor Swift (I’m a Swiftie)
  • Everything I Wanted, Billie Eillish
  • Hometown Glory, Adele
  • Lust for Life, Lana Del Rey
  • You Can Have Him, Nina Simone
  • Yellow, Coldplay
  • Roses, The Chainsmokers
  • Heart & Soul, Roseaux
  • Wrecked, Imagine Dragons
  • You Know I’m No Good, Amy Winehouse

Photography: Steven Ko Interior Photography
Interior designer: Stanley KC


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