An elegant restaurant with a breathtaking view of the sparkling Mediterranean


An elegant restaurant with a breathtaking view of the sparkling Mediterranean

Every year thousands of tourists, Italian and foreigners alike, flock to the coastal areas and the islands of southern Italy, falling in love with their picturesque villages, shimmering blue waters and magical atmosphere.

Long weekends along the coast offer the perfect getaway whether you are in search of adventure or simply want to lie back and relax by the sea. The area is dotted with tiny harbours and islands, so if you’re feeling energetic, you might climb up rocky inclines to take in the breathtaking views or hire a boat and spend the day exploring hidden bays and diving off for the occasional swim. If that all seems too much, you can choose your spot by the water and soak up the sun in peace.

The climate and landscapes of the glorious stretches of coast in the south of the Italian peninsula conceal a wealth of mini corners of Paradise where old and new mingle effortlessly. Charming historical centres full of outdoor stalls piled with handcrafted treasures abound, as do stunning villas that have been transformed into boutique accommodation.

There is a special rhythm to life by the sea, and that is even more marked on an island, where you experience a particular kind of peace and serenity that is hard to find elsewhere. Picture yourself waking up, throwing back the shutters and breathing in the unmistakable scent of the sea while you plan your morning, which will involve nothing more strenuous than a pleasant boat excursion.

Then comes the lunch hour, and with the sun blazing down outside, you seek a cool, peaceful oasis that respects the unhurried pace of the island. You find it in this restaurant designed in true Salvatori style, where the preponderance of white Bianco Carrara marble lends an air of restorative calm, in contrast with the dramatic grey swathes of Grigio Versilia, the two stones combining to suggest the movement of waves brushing across the surface.

Oversize windows not only offer breathtaking views of the sea, but also enable the natural light to flood in, reflecting off the white marble and amplifying the lightness and elegance of the entire space.

The immaculate bathrooms are the perfect sanctuary to freshen up as you leave the heat of the day outside. Again, Bianco Carrara works its magic, instilling a sense of order and luminous elegance, not only on the walls in Raw texture, but also in the fluid forms of the freestanding basins and stylish mirrors, both from the Anima collection, together with accessories such as the side table, shelf and Theca cabinet. Again, the floors in bold white and Grigio Versilia stripes anchor the entire room and bring a touch of drama, but the overall atmosphere is as pure and pristine as the rarefied air outside.

The jagged coastal area of Southern Italy is brimming with tiny beaches and picture-postcard fishing villages and the contrast between the vast stretches of blue sky and sea is marked by typical Mediterranean vegetation. Think terraced vineyards and lemon groves perched above the sea, and you will have some idea of the enchanting landscapes created by nature.

Whether you have spent the day on the beach or engaged in more physical activities such as walking, an aperitivo to accompany sunset is a must when you are on holiday in Italy, and so a return to our restaurant is in order, this time to savour maybe a spritz, glass of prosecco, or even if local custom means you usually enjoy it at the end of a meal, a frozen thimbleful of limoncello, a speciality of the area. Where better than the cocktail lounge, another beautifully luminous space where once again we find ourselves enveloped by the freshness of Bianco Carrara.

Clusters of ceiling lights, each cylinder carved from a single piece of snowy white marble, hover above intimate arrangements of chairs, creating inviting mini-cocoons. The atmosphere is serene and chic, and the perfect place to wind down and relax.

Like the island itself, this restaurant with its Salvatori products and styling represents an oasis of wellbeing and calm, nurturing both body and soul. While the décor may be minimal and contemporary, the abundance of natural stone, and the artful way it has been used, creates an innate link with its surroundings so that you feel welcomed and at ease, allowing you to sink into that blissful relaxed limbo that is the hallmark of a true summer holiday.

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