A dream stay in a magical hotel on the water


A sophisticated and pleasing interplay of forms and colour create a space that celebrates the power of the past and the present day

With its fascinating history that has left an indelible mark on every single centimetre of the city, breathtaking architecture everywhere you look and canals in place of asphalt roads, it is little wonder that this fairytale location is one of the most beloved travel destinations in the world.

Every corner affords yet another picture-postcard view with its mix of gothic, Byzantine and Moorish styles that combine to create a dazzling background that is so picturesque you have to remind yourself that it is, in fact, real and not some extraordinary theatre set.

When it came to creating the interior design of a boutique hotel housed in a historic building, our challenge was to create a contemporary style that worked in harmony with the incredible centuries of history and splendour surrounding it.

Every piece of furniture was carefully selected so that it seamlessly integrated with the wonderful curves and lines of the architecture around it. The starting point was the foyer where our Omphalos, Proiezioni and ‘Love me, Love me not’ tables and Urano floor lamp are artfully placed in a delicate balance of angular and rounded forms, muted and vibrant colours, linking the past and the present..

To wake up in one of the bedrooms is a multi-sensorial experience. Through the distinctive gothic-style window your eyes linger upon the breathtaking panorama as the sun glints upon the water that laps below and beckons you to stroll alongside it or enjoy it from a boat.

Silk Georgette® flooring in a simple honed finish sets the scene for a soothing__, tranquil atmosphere and creates an elegant canvas for the furniture and accessories that add splashes of designer flair. A Dritto and Taula coffee table are stylish substitutes for standard bedside chests, lending a pleasing asymmetry to the space.

And who wouldn’t enjoy perching on a comfortable stool from the Ikona collection and applying make-up or fixing their hair in front of the colourful Neighbors mirror by Stephen Burks? These bursts of quirky personality complement the neutral calming colour palette of the rest of the room and bring a smile to your face even before you step outside to discovered the enchanted city that awaits.

The first stop is the vast main square that with its imposing palace, cathedral and iconic bell tower draws visitors as though it were a magnet and sets the heart aflutter with the sheer immensity of its beauty. From there, you wander along the narrow alleys, revelling in the joy of getting lost, crossing bridge after bridge and exclaiming as each corner reveals yet another magical glimpse.

After a day of exploration and discovering the city’s myriad of treasures, you return to the hotel tired but content. Another treat awaits, in the form of a blissful soak in the Oyster bathtub in Silk Georgette®, with its gentle swathes of beige, cream and grey creating a fascinating interplay with the floor. As you relax in the hot water, you watch evening life play out below you through the soaring double windows. The perfect end to a perfect day.


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