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Sample | Grigio Versilia Bamboo | 15 x 30 x 1 cm
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Product description

Grigio Versilia is a cool grey marble characterised by its dramatic swathes of white veins, which give it a striking and austere beauty. Hardwearing and able to withstand heavy foot traffic, it is ideal for kitchen work surfaces and bathroom vanity units.
The small holes you may notice on its surface are a natural characteristic of Grigio Versilia.
This sample combines it with our
Bamboo texture.
Created in 2003 by Gabriele Salvatori and his father, Alfredo, Bamboo is a perennial favourite thanks to its simplicity and versatility.
Ideal for both interior and exterior use, the elegant ridged surface of Bamboo recalls the clean and simple lines of the tree it was named after. The fluidity of its lines brings a restful, almost mesmerising sensation to any environment, evoking the sense of calm and harmony synonymous with the Far East.
Lighting is a key component which significantly enhances the beauty of this texture. The key to great lighting is that it should “wash” down or across the surface, depending whether the lines run horizontally or vertically.

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