Department: Production


Tell us a little about your role and the team around you

I head up our production department so I look after anything that has to do with our products , so this means internal production, our technical team, R&D, purchasing, quality control and external suppliers.

I really enjoy working with my team. It’s full of fantastic people and I’ve worked with most of them for many years so there’s not just a work rapport, but also friendship. We’re a tight team.

Has Salvatori contributed to your professional and personal development? If so, how?

Definitely, because when I started with the company, I was just 19. At the beginning, my job was checking items in Production and over the years my role evolved until I became head of the department. I’ve learnt an incredible amount. Alfredo Salvatori taught me the basics of natural stone and the techniques involved in working with it and this was a great foundation. Over the years, I’ve built upon that, thanks to colleagues and many of the suppliers I’ve worked with. I think it’s fair to say that I now have a good – maybe even excellent – knowledge of the sector.


Do you think the company has changed much over the years?

Where do I start?! We’ve grown enormously. When I first arrived, the company only worked with surfaces, so the business basically revolved around providing stone for walls and floors. We slowly changed our positioning, starting with the bathroom sector and then moving into home furnishings with tables. Now, though, we’re well-established as a bathroom brand, and with the 2022 collection, we’ve added pieces such as seating, table lamps and many other types of accessories. We’re now at the point where we can provide almost any type of furniture for home décor.

Which of Salvatori’s values resonates most with you?

I really identify with the positive attitude to overcoming challenges, but I also appreciate our commitment to customer satisfaction. This is something we all try to achieve through every stage of the process, from product design to actual creation. We always make sure we think about what the client will see and experience. And then, if we’re talking about values, I would say honesty, both within the company and in our dealings outside it.


Do you think there are any particular traits or skills that you simply must have to work at Salvatori?

You need to be able to cope with change, be dynamic and have a passion for always doing and learning new things.

What’s the best part of your working week?

First of all, let me just say that because I really love my job, every working day is enjoyable. But the part I enjoy the most is design and development, when I work really closely with the technical team to come up with new products and make them a reality.

Describe Salvatori using just one adjective


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