Why natural stone is the perfect choice for your kitchen



Discover why natural stone flooring, walls and cupboard facings are a practical and style choice for a kitchen décor

A natural stone kitchen is the ideal combination of modern and traditional styles

How do you bring a fresh modern aesthetic to a traditional kitchen or introduce a classic twist to a contemporary one? The answer lies in natural stone, a versatile and much-loved choice of designers who can stamp their creativity on this space that is such a vital part of the home. Practical and stylish, stone is the ideal material for creating a welcoming atmosphere without compromising on elegance.

With its incredible array of colours and patterns, natural stone presents a solution for any situation and taste. Add to this the innovative choice of textures developed over recent years, and you have a winning recipe for a room that fulfils a number of purposes, from preparing food to socialising.

We take a look at why it is a go-to material for kitchen walls, floors and even cupboard doors and drawer facings.


Key characteristics of a kitchen in natural stone

Natural stone walls in the kitchen are always an elegant choice and as timeless as this incredible natural material itself which effortlessly fuses the past and the future. When placed in the hands of skilled architects and interior designers who know how to bring out its movement and colour and play with texture, the results are stunning.

That said, there are certain fundamental requisites that must be fulfilled for a natural stone kitchen. The first is that it must deliver a pleasing, harmonious aesthetic, but appearance alone is not enough. After all, when we think about the wear and tear a kitchen is subjected to, it is key that any materials used are tough and fit for purpose.

Forewarned is forearmed, so it’s important to know that while a natural stone kitchen will be pleasing to the eye and timeless in terms of style, it will need regular love and care to ensure it retains its original beauty. That doesn’t have to mean anything particularly arduous however, but simply daily cleaning and the right detergent, avoiding aggressive cleaning products.

Your efforts will be repaid with a kitchen that stands the test of time in terms of both aesthetics and functionality, and is suitable for the rigours and demands of modern living.


The advantages of a natural stone kitchen

There are many reasons to choose natural stone for your kitchen, but let’s start with the most obvious one which is the sheer beauty of the material. No matter what your personal taste may be, there will be a stone that fits your aesthetic brief and work with the architectural constraints, layout or special features of your kitchen.

Obviously, the creativity of your designer, the quality of the stone itself and how it is prepared are all fundamental elements in determining the final result. In general terms however, whether you have opted for a stone floor, walls or worktop, you can be confident of finding yourself in a pleasing, harmonious environment that is conducive to preparing fantastic meals.

Aesthetic advantages aside for a moment, there are plenty of other reasons to opt for marble or other types of stone for your kitchen. As we touched on earlier, it is an extremely tough material, it is versatile and has another interesting benefit, which is its insulation properties. Natural stone helps maintain warmth and contain sound, making it ideal for today’s frenetic lifestyle and rising energy bills.

In short, natural stone is an ideal material for a modern, practical and eco-friendly kitchen, with a solution for every style and taste.


The benefits of stone walls in your kitchen

Stone tiles for your kitchen wall lend a timeless look and an elegance that will never go out of fashion, while at the same time they are hardwearing and, as an added bonus, wonderful to touch.

In keeping with its name, natural stone delivers an effect that is both fascinating and natural, with a myriad of tones and patterns that are such a distinctive aspect of its surface. With such a wide range of stone, including marbles, granites and limestones, there is always a perfect choice to fit with the stylistic and architectural characteristics of a room. So, for example, a small kitchen can benefit from walls in classic white marble while if you have a larger space, you can experiment with dark, sophisticated tones.

Another advantage of using natural stone for the walls of your kitchen is that it opens up a Salvatori Total Look solution, meaning you can create a visually clean, harmonious and immersive look using the same materials on your walls, floor and even worktop and cabinet facings.


The benefits of a stone kitchen floor

Stone flooring immediately lifts the aesthetics of a kitchen, but is also a smart choice for its toughness. This is an important factor to consider given that a kitchen is typically subjected to heavy usage, with plenty of foot traffic, crumbs and spills. By choosing a neutral-coloured stone, whether that be a white, cream or darker shade, you end up with a minimalist base that will combine with other stone elements in a different tone, or with other materials if you want to mix things up without risking a messy, busy look.

Another aspect to remember, and one which shouldn’t be undervalued, is that because natural stone provides insulation, your kitchen will be cooler in summer and will retain warmth in summer. Not only does this mean cost savings, but also represents a more environmentally-friendly solution.


Cupboards and drawer facings in natural stone

A less commonly seen use of natural stone in the kitchen is as a type of cladding for cabinetry. This can, however, be incredibly stunning, making the entire space appear more inviting without looking cluttered or ostentatious, assuming you select a neutral-coloured stone. Of course, there is nothing to stop you from choosing dramatic veins for a more opulent or striking look, if that is your preferred style, but we are great fans of cleaner lines and understated luxury.

Covering your cupboard doors and storage units or an island frontage in stone also allows you to play with texture, as for example with our Adda modular drawers, where marble or limestone contrasts with a wooden structure. Suddenly, instead of being mere functional items, the drawers become an integrated and stylish décor element. You can choose between different combinations of materials to create your dream kitchen.

Natural stone is an ideal choice for kitchens, whether you are thinking of using it for flooring, walls, worktops or even as a façade for drawers and cupboard doors. It is practical, elegant and even ticks the box when it comes to sustainability. We would be delighted to help you design a Salvatori-style kitchen, so why not schedule a visit to one of our showrooms so that you can plan your dream kitchen with one of our design consultants.

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