Discover the mystique of the colour green in interior design



Delve into the fascinating world of the colour green and add a dash of elegance to your home with our range of accessories

Discover the mystique of natural stone through the colour green

The colour green is synonymous with forceful traits such as hope and strength, but it also symbolises softer concepts such as calmness and relaxation.

Such is the variety of shades of green that it is able to comfortably accommodate these seemingly contradictory characteristics and is also the reason that we have a particular affection for it at Salvatori.

A colour of stone that is perhaps more personal and polarising than crowd-pleasing classics such as Bianco Carrara, it is all the more fascinating for that reason. It has certainly won us over and we have taken great pleasure in celebrating its wonderful array of tones and shades through our choice of marbles such as Verde Alpi, il Verde Guatemala and Verde Aver for interior design projects and our own collection of furniture and accessories.

As the Italian word “verde” suggests, green is a rich or verdant source of inspiration, even if it is not the first colour that comes to mind when thinking about furnishings and design objects.

We decided it deserves a moment in the spotlight, so we’ve curated a selection of products that we hope may help readers understand its versatility and charm, and encourage non-believers to join the green movement!


The Salvatori green list

Usually, when you say the words “Salvatori” and “green” together, sustainability comes to mind, but we’re also huge fans of the colour green in its more literal sense.

We love to experiment, whether with textures, design or colour, so bold shades like green resonate with us and it’s a joy to see how its wonderful shades and nuances can bring an object to life.

As we said above, we tend to work with a trio of greens, each with their own distinctive characteristics, tones and vein patterns, and these are Verde Alpi, Verde Guatemala and Verde Aver.

Testament to their versatility, we use them for a variety of items:

  • trays
  • tables
  • coat hooks and stands
  • stools
  • umbrella stands
  • vases
  • bookcases
  • pots and containers

Within each of these categories we’ve created an array of items, some totally in green marble, others mixing colours and materials, always seeking to combine function and form, with designs that showcase the inherent soul and beauty of our various Verdes.

Allow us to guide you through the Salvatori homage to green with our selection of designer pieces for the home.


Pietra L01 tray

The Pietra L01 tray is one of a trio developed together with Italian designer Piero Lissoni, springing from the idea of reinterpreting everyday objects in a contemporary key.

This versatile piece can be used on its own as a tray, serving platter, desk organiser or even as a purely decorative accessory.

A robust iron frame encircles the intense green of Verde Alpi to create a striking item of decidedly modern design.

With the simple addition of a Pietra L02 base, also in iron, it is transformed into a handy and elegant side table.


Pietra L03 tray

Like its L01 counterpart, the Pietra L03 tray is part of the above collection by Piero Lissoni, but instead of the circular form, here we have a rectangle flanked on two sides by iron brackets.

Once again, Verde Alpi marble is the star, with its deep forest green veining given full free to express itself.

Another multi-use piece, the L03 adds a touch of mystique and elegance to desks, tables and kitchen worktops, either as a stylish tray or, together with a round sibling from the L01 family, an eye-catching design composition.


Pietra L04 square tray

By now you may have noticed that we have a bit of a thing for trays. And if we can combine them with Verde Alpi marble, all the better, which leads us neatly to Pietra L04.

Here we have no metal frames or brackets, but instead it’s all about the marble, its deep green shades intensified in a petite 15-cm square shape.

This is no ordinary square, however, with not a single sharp edge or corner to be found, instead your hands will find only cool, smoothed surfaces.

Sold in a pair with its rectangular sibling in Grigio Versilia, this is a deceptively simple piece of pure contemporary design.


Pietra L12 tray and three-tier cake stand

The Pietra L12 family, comprising a tray and cake stand, sees us play with a darker, more intense green in the form of Verde Guatemala.

Its rich hues create a gorgeous backdrop, perfect for displaying fruit or decorative objects in an original way, or serving culinary delights. The single disc tray makes for a truly stylish platter, while the three-tier version brings sheer theatre to the table.

There’s a hint of industrial design in the form of an iron hook that not only adds an unconventional flourish, but is also highly practical when it comes to lifting each piece.


‘Love Me, Love Me Not’ round coffee table

With our round ‘Love Me, Love Me Not’ coffee table, we are back with the vibrant hues of Verde Alpi, expressly chosen together with designer Michael Anastassiades to bring the sense of opulence and majesty he was seeking for this three-legged jewel.

The sumptuousness of the green marble brings a luminous quality to the table, to create a functional and elegant piece of enlightened design.


René Bistrot table

Another idea that is indelibly linked to the colour green is that of rebirth, and this is perfectly expressed in the René bistrot table in Verde Aver.

The table top is in our Lost Stones texture, created to give new life to fragments of abandoned or offcuts of stone, which are then pieced together using our interpretation of the ancient Japanese Kintsugi technique, used to repair broken porcelain.

The golden seams that hold the pieces of marble together are the perfect counterpoint to the dark green tones of Verde Aver, so much so much so that it seems their destiny to be paired together, rather than a happy coincidence.


Proiezioni inlaid tables

The Proiezioni series of tables (both dining and coffee) are a true game of contrast, combining the vibrancy of Verde Alpi with the softer, pastel swirls of Cipollino marble to create an arresting and distinctive piece of design.

The contrast is emphasised by the bold geometric shapes that make up the inlays, bringing out the inherent beauty of these two different marbles that coexist in perfect harmony, and transmitting an almost spiritual-like beauty that will energise even the most neutral décor.


Pietra L05 coffee table

If you are a fan of contrast, you will also appreciate the Pietra L05 coffee table with its unconventional, almost industrial-style pairing of dark matt steel and gleaming Verde Alpi.

The metal stem that pierces the marble top and base is finished in the same distinctive hook as the L12 cake stand and platter, adding a jaunty flourish to this striking example of contemporary design-cum-everyday item.


Fontane Bianche wall hooks

These deceptively simple wall hooks are almost too gorgeous to cover up with a coat or towel.

As with the other pieces in the Fontane Bianche collection, the hooks are supremely elegant and understated.

Available in four colours and three sizes, each piece is carved from a single piece of natural stone, with the Verde Alpi variant adding a glorious, sophisticated splash of deep, regal green to brighten up any wall.


Flamingo coat stand

With its slender rotating stem in matt painted metal and five discs in varying diameters and types of natural stone, the Flamingo exemplifies the beauty of minimalist design.

Its Molina variant combines a trio of pale stones in Bianco Carrara, Palissandro Bluette and Rosa Perlino with the darker Verde Alpi in a glorious riot of colour that on paper shouldn’t work, but in person is simply gorgeous.

This revisitation of a purely functional object is a wonderful example of that elusive pairing of aesthetics and practicality. It’s also incredibly versatile, adding a touch of Made in Italy creativity and design to the bedroom, bathroom or hallway.


Ikona stool

One of the most eye-catching pieces in the quirky collection of Ikona stools-cum-side tables is that in Verde Guatemala.

With its composition of two curved, irregularly-shaped blocks of striking forest-green marble perched one on top of the other, it manages to strike that delicate balance of elegance and daring originality.


Pietra L07 umbrella stand

With the Pietra L07 umbrella stand, Verde Alpi again demonstrates its versatility and capacity to transform even the most banal object into a piece of elegant contemporary design.

Its calming green tones anchor a structure in glossy steel to create an accessory that adds a touch of understated chic to any hallway, so much so that you’ll be hoping for rain when your friends visit, just so you can show off your umbrella stand!


Mono vase

The Mono in Verde Alpi is the only one in this collection of single-flower vases to be perfectly circular.

A flawless sphere in a dark green that recalls nature, its simple, classic form allows the gorgeous veining to take centre stage, for a touch of pure Made in Italy elegance.


Colonnata bookcase

The Colonnata bookcase, designed in collaboration with Piero Lissoni, is not your standard shelving unit.

A supremely stylish showcase for books, prized photos or accessories, it can be placed in the middle of a space to function as a room divider, or up against the wall in a more conventional position.

Its multi-colour version is a glorious kaleidoscope of different stones, of which one just happens to be green (let’s stay on theme!).


Contenitore Pietra L09

Last but not least on our browse among the glories of green, are our Pietra L09 pots, containers, call them what you will.

In a nod to the colours of nature, we have a combination of walnut wood and beautiful Verde Guatemala, for a simple but elegant and versatile piece that can be used in a myriad of ways, from storing jewellery to serving as a handy kitchen accessory.

Who would have thought that green was so versatile when it came to accessories for the home? And not just any green, but in the colours provided by nature, using no paints or manmade artifice?

For us, it’s a joy to work with such an extraordinary material, finding ways through fresh and innovative design to unleash its natural beauty and showcase its glorious hues, nuances and veining patterns.

If you are feeling inspired and invigorated by our celebration of the colour green, why not take a closer look at our Home Collection and choose a piece to bring some of its calm and fascination to your own home. Happy browsing!

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