A modern living room: ideas and inspirations for unique interior design



Discover 6 simple ideas for a unique modern living room

6 ideas and inspirations for the perfect modern living room

The modern living room is the room in the house dedicated to relaxation, hobbies, and conviviality: a multi-purpose room that must adapt perfectly to the life of the people who use it every day. Everything, from the furniture to the lighting, must be designed with what goes on in this modern room in mind.

Understanding what is really needed for a living room to be defined as modern can sometimes be complicated. So let’s try to clarify the situation: in the course of this article, we’ll discover together the basic features that a modern living room must contain, what styles can be achieved and 6 ideas and inspirations to create beautiful living rooms in a perfect modern style.


The key words for a perfect modern living room

All modern living rooms must have some indispensable and fundamental characteristics. There are three essential keywords:

  • Functionality
  • Minimalism
  • Harmony

Designing the interiors of a modern living room requires first and foremost a strong focus on functionality. From the choice of furnishings to their arrangement, everything must be designed to perfectly meet the needs of those who live in the room. Alongside functionality, it is also essential to develop an aesthetic that allows the room to breathe: simple lines and a light design that does not excessively clutter the space, but rather allows visual perception to expand it.

Finally, a harmonious environment is crucial: the combination of modern living room decor cannot be left to chance, but rather must be carefully designed down to the smallest detail, to spread the calm and serenity typical of this space. Everything that makes up the living room, including wall and floor coverings, must be perfectly integrated with the rest of the space, to bestow the sense of a cohesive and synergic environment.


Modern living room styles

When thinking about how to design living room decor, you may happen to assume that a modern living room is a stylised environment with a strong futuristic impetus, but this does not have to be the case.

Although a modern living room is certainly in line with the contemporary spirit, thanks to its simple lines and great attention to functionality, the aesthetic nuances it can take on are truly infinite. For example, a modern living room can be designed in an industrial style, with a prevalence of metal and leather elements, or in a classic style, with more rounded and romantic shapes. And the options certainly do not stop there: Scandinavian, minimal, rustic, vintage … the possibilities are truly endless.

A modern style is therefore perfectly adaptable to whatever direction you want to give your space: let’s discover together, more specifically, 6 modern living room ideas to be inspired by in order to create a truly contemporary interior, regardless of the style you want to give it.


Modern living room wall and floor coverings

When choosing the wall or floor coverings for a modern living room, it is necessary to take the whole room into consideration in order to reflect total harmony. In the case of stylish furniture it is better to choose simple wall coverings, while with more subdued furniture you can be daring with the living room wall colours and even create original accents.

Whatever the style of the room, neutral tones are always a good choice: beige, white, or grey, for example, are nuances that can easily create effective combinations, and convey the idea of an elegant and modern designer living room.

We see a perfect example of this in this living area. For the walls and floors we have chosen to rely on the neutral and sophisticated tones of our Silk Georgette®, in Plissé on the walls and in Levigato on the floor. The rhythm of the veining provides the perfect embrace for the contrasts that characterise this living room: a continuous alternation between the white tones of Bianco Carrara and the deep notes of Pietra d’Avola and metal.

The Dritto coffee table, the geometric Ta_Volo®, the elegant Intarsi wall art, the Gravity paperweight, and the Kilos bookends are harmoniously linked and enhanced by the delicate grey of Silk Georgette®.


Modern living room furniture

Although the modern living room can be adapted to many styles, there are certain characteristics that modern living room furniture must respect: functionality and minimalism.

The perfect living room decor should therefore add practicality to the space without weighing it down. So, coffee tables, preferably with simple and delicate lines, as well as elegant wall-hung living room furniture and practical shelves, such as our innovative Ciane Day Compartment, are strategically excellent.

In the luxury living room we are proposing, we have included the Love Me, Love Me Not coffee table and the Proiezioni coffee table to create a functional table top near the sofa. In the background, a composition of Balnea modular drawers proves to be the perfect union of minimalism and functionality: as a surface to place things upon, it is ideal to implement a touch of green, thanks to the simplicity of the Pietra L10 vase. And as a storage unit, the depth of each drawer allows you to comfortably store many objects. Its ethereal design perfectly complements the wall with lightness, thanks to our Raw Crema d’Orcia Select which covers the wall and the suspended cabinet. Minimalism, functionality, and harmony in a beautiful living room.


Modern living room decor

The modern living room has become the calling card of the home. It is often the first room you encounter when you enter, and it is the room where you spend time with friends: so decorating this room has become very important.

The decorations, however, must also respond to the fundamental principles that distinguish this room: functional and beautiful objects that lightly embellish the living room.

A mirror is a must-have accessory: in the restricted spaces of modern buildings, a large mirror is the best solution to enlarge and illuminate a room further.
In this small living room, we used two large Quadro mirrors with wall-mounted supports to enhance the narrow space: thanks to the union with the light emanating from the Farfalla lamp, this small living room assumes dimensionality and luminosity.


How to arrange modern living room furniture

Positioning modern living room furniture perfectly requires a careful examination of the room.

Maintaining a fluid environment is essential, so all the passages and actions that take place in this room must be studied precisely to avoid creating dangerous obstacles.

In this large living room, we have not only left the passageways from one room to another completely free, but we have also highlighted them with the help of the sofas.

In order to create a cohesive and organic ambience, we used our natural stone coffee tables Dritto and Love Me, Love Me Not. In the centre, the precious sculptures from the Omaggio a Morandi collection become the focal point of the room. The ambience is simple, elegant, and well-defined, despite the numerous streams of passage.


How to enhance the areas of the modern living room

When thinking of a modern living room, it is often imagined as an open space, communicating seamlessly with the other rooms in the house.

If this is the objective, it can be useful to compensate for the lack of structural divisions by using decorative stratagems: by using particular finishes or strategically installed lights, it is possible to give the areas their own unique identity.

In the large open space we are proposing, the living and dining areas are located in the same room. To define the contours of the comfort zone, the large carpet proved to be a perfect tool for bringing all the decor together. For the dining area, a studied use of our Farfalla lamp allowed the large and noble Design for Soul dining table to stand out. A perfect modern living room.


Optimising empty spaces

A truly modern living room is an environment that responds perfectly to the needs of the family: every corner or free space must therefore be optimised, and find its own function. In a small house, a corner of the living room can become a perfect home office, or you can create a perfect corner to display items with sentimental value, which deserve to be highlighted.

In this living room, there was a need for a small reading corner: to create it, we used a comfortable armchair and the functional Pietra L05 coffee table. The use of white Bianco Carrara, the traces in the coffee table, in the beautiful Pliss sideboard, in the Fontane Bianche trays and in our Urano lamp, allowed us to easily make this entire space cohesive and harmonious.

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