Milan Design Week 2021: a meeting of shoes, stone and minds



Quality, craftsmanship and Made in Italy values were on display when Salvatori and Santoni hosted an event as part of Milan Design Week

Milan Design Week 2021: Salvatori and Santoni unite in a celebration of Made in Italy quality

During Milan Design Week 2021, which came to a close last Friday, we paired up with Italian shoe brand Santoni to launch our new Taula table collection, designed for us by the renowned Patricia Urquiola.

Shoes and stone? Some may say it is an unusual combination but if you scratch the surface (figuratively of course!) it is surprising just what our two worlds have in common. We take a look at the reasons both brands felt it was such a perfect fit.


What do Salvatori and Santoni have in common?

Milan Design Week is a particularly special time of the year when visitors flock from all over the world to share their passion, dreams and visions with other like-minded people. It not only attracts design lovers but also those who simply appreciate quality in all its guises, regardless of the category or sector.

It is this mutual deep-rooted commitment to quality, alongside a dedication to providing beautiful objects that exude elegance and discreet luxury, that is behind our recent collaboration with Santoni, a brand that feels as passionately about these matters as we do.


Taula by Patricia Urquiola steals the show

On Thursday last week, we held a joint event at the Santoni boutique where the guest of honour was a rectangular Taula coffee table in gorgeous Crema d’Orcia. Patricia Urquiola and our CEO Gabriele Salvatori spent a stimulating evening talking to guests and explaining the story behind the Taula collection, which was inspired by the extraordinary megaliths on the islands of Menorca and Majorca.

A supporting cast of smaller accessories in natural stone, including Patricia’s adorable Kore miniature house from The Village collection, were displayed side by side with beautiful Santoni boots and shoes.

This harmonious juxtaposition of two seemingly diverse types of products shows how when two companies share the same values, passion and approach to quality and design, the possibilities are endless.

It was a great pleasure to have the opportunity to present our products in an unconventional context and create a dialogue between two apparently unconnected sectors. At the heart of our event with Santoni, however was the celebration of quality, expressed in different ways but united in the final output, be it a stylish pair of sandals or an elegant marble tray, table or toothbrush holder.

If you appreciate great design and would like to find the perfect piece for your home, we invite you to browse our collections or contact us and we will be delighted to guide you through the magical world of Salvatori design.

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