Ideas for a designer bathroom with bathtub



There is nothing like a long hot soak in the comfort of your own home, so we’ve put together ideas to help you create a gorgeous bathroom with bathtub, whether your space is large, small or narrow

The magic of a bathroom with a bathtub

Lowering yourself into a bathtub and enjoying a long hot soak is one of life’s simple pleasures and the perfect way to relax both body and mind. A ritual that for many is like having a private spa in the comfort of your own home, it represents a precious moment when you can leave the stresses of the world outside.

From simple rectangles to advanced models with bells and whistles aplenty, the humble bathtub comes in all sorts of shapes, styles and variants, from the old-fashioned freestanding claw-foot to starkly modern. For its size alone, it is a dominant feature in any bathroom, so how do you choose the perfect bathtub?


How to choose your bathtub

You only need a few elements to create a relaxing haven without having to leave the walls of your home and here, a bathtub is top of the list. For many years, it fell out of favour slightly, with a move towards the shower, which was seen as a faster, more practical and compact solution, but the bathtub is back with a vengeance as we seek to remove ourselves from the frenetic pace of life. This has also meant the introduction of many new models suited to all styles of bathrooms, with designers relishing the chance to let their creativity loose.

The most important step if you are thinking of installing a bathtub is, of course, to measure your bathroom and understand if it is large enough to accommodate one. This includes ensuring that you have enough space around it and that it doesn’t create a squeezed feeling in the bathroom. The type of tub you want will also impact space, for example a freestanding model clearly requires more room and will most likely entail more complicated plumbing work.

While a shower is a fallback option if you are tight on space, if your heart is set on a tub, we have put together a selection of gorgeous bathtubs for three bathroom shapes and sizes.


Designer bathtub ideas for a large bathroom

If you are fortunate to have plenty of space at your disposal, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to creating a beautiful and functional bathroom and in this case, the bathtub will surely be the star of the show. Nothing is more inviting and eye-catching that an elegant freestanding tub in the centre of a bathroom. This is your opportunity to create pure drama with a simple but striking piece such as the Anima with its beguiling curves or, if you are a lover of clean, straight lines, our Ishiburo is a contemporary scene stealer.

If you want to take the theatrical effect up another level, this is easily done by creating a contrast, for example with a classic white marble tub and a lovely dark stone on the walls such as Pietra d’Avola. Because you have plenty of space, there is no risk that the bathroom will feel cramped, and in fact, experimenting with darker hues on the walls transmits a feeling of luxury and balances the room’s proportions.


Designer bathtub ideas for a small bathroom

Generally speaking, bathtubs are viewed as an unnecessary waste of space in smaller bathrooms, but a clever designer can create an elegant environment that is user-friendly and doesn’t involve sacrificing your blissful hot soak. It may not be a full-size tub, and given there will inevitably be a little less manoeuvring space, we would recommend curved edges, but the important thing is that you will have an alternative to a shower.

To mitigate the lack of square metres, however, there are a few little tricks and the most important one concerns colour. You ideally want to choose pale tones that reflect and amplify the light and classic Bianco Carrara marble is the perfect candidate here. Not only does it increase the perception of space, but the room will appear cleaner and airier. If you choose larger format tiles for the floor and walls, this will accentuate the effect.

Another trick to optimise space in a small bathroom with a bathtub is to choose wall-mounted items of furniture which combine storage with other functions. One such example is our modular Balnea series of drawers and basins which are both practical and stylish and come in a range of sizes, making them ideal for even the most compact bathroom.


Designer bathtub ideas for a long, narrow bathroom

A common bathroom configuration is long and narrow, almost like a corridor, and this can actually be a great layout for a built-in bathtub which finds its natural place along the end wall. In such a case, the surface of the exposed side plays a fundamental role in the room’s aesthetic.

When it comes to choosing décor elements in this type of bathroom, geometric and geometric lines work best, as you want to make the most of available wall space. Once again, wall-mounted pieces are effective, right down to smaller details such as shelves and towel racks. Our TABL-EAU collection, with its fusion of burnished brass and natural stone, introduces a minimalist, sober charm to even the smallest space.

One last idea for a narrow bathroom with bathtub is to hang a large mirror in a strategic position such as above the basin as this will have the effect of doubling the width of the room. Again, smart choices make the difference here, with every centimetre important, and our Quadro mirror fits the bill perfectly. Its frame is over 7 cm deep, making it a handy ledge for placing beauty and grooming products.

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