How Plug&Play takes the stress out of natural stone



Plug&Play makes installing natural stone shower trays, vanity units and other items a breeze. Discover how this approach can save time, stress and money

How Plug&Play makes working with natural stone a breeze

Natural stone is much loved and admired as a material, but there are a couple of misconceptions about how easy it is to use for a project. Often there is a fear that although it is beautiful, it creates difficulty in terms of installation, especially in countries where perhaps tradespeople aren’t used to working with it.

That’s why we have developed a technique we like to call Plug&Play for a number of our products. The idea is to remove any obstacles or potential pitfalls so that installation becomes stress-free, easy and intuitive, just as the name suggests.
In this article we explore the advantages this approach offers, particularly when applied to the world of natural stone.


What is Plug&Play?

As the name suggests, Plug&Play is a system that makes installation so easy that you can “play with” or use a product very quickly, without having to go through elaborate, lengthy procedures. The idea is that when you receive the product, it is not only simple to assemble or install, but you will find everything you need to get it up and functioning, for example elements such as screws and silicone. It goes without saying that this approach offers a series of benefits, particularly when applied to a material such as natural stone.

Let’s take a look at them together.


The advantages of Plug&Play when working with natural stone

While the main objective of Plug&Play is to simplify installation or assembly across almost any sector and product category, when it comes to a material such as natural stone, there are two particularly important benefits:

  • You eliminate the risk of using unsuitable components or products or not finding the right components when you need them.
  • A significant simplification in the technical, logistical or practical aspects associated with installation.
  • To understand them in more detail, let’s take a closer look at each of these key areas.

Eliminate the risk of incompatible or unsuitable components

Plug&Play means that your product is supplied with little extras which may seem banal but not only save time and money, also ensure you have the items which are most suited to natural stone, such as the silicone we provide with a number of products. If you or your installer chooses a silicone that is not designed for use with stone, you may very well see stains develop over time as the silicone seeps into the stone. With Plug&Play, there’s no risk of that as every product comes with all the essentials required for efficient and correct installation meaning that it will also function and last as it is designed to.


Simplified installation from a technical point of view

Every product is designed thinking about all the possible situations or pitfalls that could arise during the installation or assembly phase, with a view to reducing the number of parties involved. Using our shower trays as an example, they have been designed so that either a plumber or a builder can install them. There’s no need for a specialist stone mason either, eliminating the need to coordinate a group of tradespeople and the stress and budgetary impacts that can entail.

We provide extremely detailed installation guides and handy tools, such as stencils that help you understand where to drill holes to ensure perfect assembly and installation. Many of our products also have a video version of the installation guide and we are working on providing these for every product.

As lovers of natural stone, we are committed to taking away any barriers to our clients being able to enjoy it in their own home or use it for their residential or hospitality project, no matter where they are in the world. Our design approach is all about elegancy and simplicity and that extends not only to the aesthetics of a product but also its usability, right from the moment it is installed, which is why we are such fans of Plug&Play. Let’s not complicate things, but just enjoy the incredible beauty of natural stone.

If you have any questions about how we can help smooth the installation process for a product you are currently considering, please get in touch. Our team will be happy to provide any assistance.

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