Gabriele Salvatori presents our 2020 collections



We want to pay tribute to all those who made new products possible

This crisis is forcing us to stop and reconsider many aspects of our lives, from the way we work to our relationships with one another. For Salvatori, our priority at the moment is to do whatever we can for our employees and local community, and we are helping people access the financial support offered by the Italian government, as well as working to provide supplies and expertise to the local and national efforts against the virus.

With the scale of the crisis apparent, our factories closed and our staff working from home, this is a time to think of our families. But there will come a moment when we will take stock and rethink how we work, how we do business, and how our values can change to reflect the world after Coronavirus and help to create a world we would like to live in. I’m proud of the tradition of social responsibility and sustainability that has been an integral part of our company for decades, but we can always do more.

Already we are seeing the benefits of working from home, where it is possible to be more focused and the quality of our conversations as a team has improved, despite relying on video conferencing and smart working. It’s clear that we will not need to travel as much as a company when this is over and, on a personal level, I’ve realised the value of slowing down, as its only when you’re not caught up in the whirlwind of daily life that you can truly think clearly and have new ideas.

This year’s Salone del Mobile has been postponed to 2021 in response to the crisis, but we decided that we would still announce the new collections we had been planning to present in Milan. Each new product is the result of the dedication and expertise of everyone who works at Salvatori, as well as the talent of the designers and architects – Yabu Pushelberg, Piero Lissoni, Elisa Ossino and others – that we have collaborated with. By continuing to present these new collections we want to pay tribute to all those who made them possible, and to show that, despite the current restrictions on how we live and work, we are not stopping. We are continuing to do what we’ve always done, just in a different way.

Gabriele Salvatori, CEO

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