Light up someone’s Christmas with an Italian designer lamp



4 stylish Made in Italy lights that will bring joy and light to your nearest and dearest not only on Christmas Day but all year round

Give the gift of light this Christmas

With Christmas just a couple of weeks away, hands up if you are still looking for that perfect gift, even if you promised yourself last year that you wouldn’t leave it till the last minute again. Despite our best intentions, many of us end up in the same situation around this time of the year, facing the stress of last-minute panic buying and often ending up choosing questionable gifts that fall short on relevance, quality or style.

Finding the perfect Christmas gift is rarely easy, but there are certain categories of products that are always sure to delight the recipient. Often underestimated, designer lighting is one such solution. Useful, elegant and destined to last, what is there not to like?

The world of designer lighting offers such an array of choice that it can be difficult to decide on the right type and model. To simplify matters, we have taken it upon ourselves to provide a summary of the main types of lighting that will hit the right note, with 4 ideas designed to surprise and thrill your nearest and dearest this Christmas.


Designer lighting: 4 stylish Christmas gift ideas for your nearest and dearest

It goes without saying that any gift, whether for Christmas, birthday or other occasion, should, first and foremost, suit the taste, style and lifestyle of the recipient. Thinking about this, and knowing their home, you will also need to think about which of the main 4 types of lighting solutions is most likely to be appreciated:

  • Floor lamp
  • Ceiling light
  • Table lamp
  • Reading lamp

Each of these is a perfect alternative to the banal, unoriginal or downright inappropriate gifts that all too often we end up foisting upon our friends and relatives. The important thing is always to opt for quality and where better to start than with a Made in Italy lamp or light fitting?

In summary, if you are looking for stylish and original Christmas gift ideas, any of these four types of lights ticks all the right boxes. Then, it’s simply a matter of deciding on the model that best reflects the taste of the lucky person who will unwrap it. Here are four inspiring examples to help you choose.


Urano floor lamp

The Urano floor lamp is a jewel of an example of this category. Carved from a single block of gorgeous white Bianco Carrara marble, it is honed to wafer-thin thickness, with its rim so fine as to be almost transparent. The result is an almost ethereal appearance, resembling a luminous celestial body with a serene, calming presence.


Farfalla designer ceiling light

The Farfalla ceiling light is contemporary yet timeless, perfect for that person who appreciates elegant, pared-back design. A slender rod of delicate Bianco Carrara marble is suspended from the ceiling by the thinnest of wires so that it flutters almost as though it were a butterfly. Whether installed in a single piece or as a composition of varying heights, it lends a sense of lightness to any space.


Urano 30 table lamp

If you have decided upon a table lamp as a Christmas gift, you will find it hard to go past our Urano lamp in its 30-cm diameter version. Like its bigger sibling, it is a perfect sphere of cool white marble that emanates a beautiful soft glow when turned on. Also available in a smaller option, suitable for the bedside cabinet, Urano is not only a functional object but also a miniature sculpture, whichever size you choose.


Silo designer reading light

Lastly, if you know someone who loves nothing more than to retreat to a cosy snug with a good book, our Silo pendant light is the perfect gift. A deceptively simple cylinder of white marble or luxurious brown Pietra d’Avola limestone, it adds a deft modern touch to a reading corner, providing the necessary light and creating an intimate atmosphere.

Perhaps you hadn’t thought about designer lighting as a gift idea, but we hope that these examples have just made your Christmas present buying this year much easier. Who wouldn’t love to unwrap a gorgeous and thoughtful gift that is not only useful, but a stunning accessory that goes with any style décor?

If you aren’t quite sure, however, that lighting is the solution, you will plenty more original and stylish Christmas gift ideas on our website. If you have any questions or would like the input of one of our expert team, please get in touch. We are always delighted to help.

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