Christmas just two weeks away, take the stress out of gift buying



As Christmas looms ever closer, we have taken it upon us to bring a touch of designer magic to it with a selection of original and stylish gift ideas.


With Christmas just two weeks away, we’re here to help take the stress out of gift buying, leaving you free to get into the seasonal spirit. We’ve put together a selection of unique designer pieces from our Home Accessories range, designed by leading international names and brought to life by our skilled craftsmen on the Tuscan coast.


When it comes to talking about unique gifts, there really is nothing more special than stone, with its glorious colours, patterns and veining. No two blocks or pieces are identical and therefore, every object created from it is truly original. Nature has already given us an extraordinary gift, and our role is to honour that, adding just the lightest of Salvatori twists to transform it into design that touches our hearts and homes.


Omaggio a Morandi

Any piece from this collection is certain to be adored not only by lovers of Morandi and surrealism, but by anyone who appreciates great design. The Italian artist’s beloved bottles are taken beyond the canvas and transformed into a series of sculptural-like accessories in natural stone in this homage to one of Italy’s greatest art names of the twentieth century.

Each of the seven pieces is created from a different marble, from classic white Bianco Carrara to the soft, pale pink of Rosa Perlino and dramatic greenish swirls of Cipollino. Morandi famously said “there is nothing more surreal, nothing more abstract than reality” and not only his words, but his art lives on in this contemporary revisitation of a distinctive object that brings eternal, timeless elegance to today’s interiors.


Kilos Bookend

A gift that will warm the hearts of booklovers and design aficionados alike, Kilos takes the simplicity of geometrical forms and elevates it to design-object status.

Created by our Tuscan artisans, Kilos comes in a choice of dusky dark grey Nero Marquinia and classic white Carrara marble**. A set of two pieces, Cube works perfectly as a pair of deliciously stylish bookends** or as an elegant decorative accessory in its own right while the cylindrical variant adds a sophisticated aesthetic flourish wherever it is placed.

Whichever option you choose, the recipient is bound to be delighted by this thoughtful and original gift that combines beautiful design, gorgeous natural stone and Made in Italy craftsmanship.


Bugia Candle holder

In today’s frenetic world, sometimes there is nothing more appreciated than a simple object that reminds us of another era, another pace of life. The Bugia candle holder, does just that, reinterpreting an old-fashioned oil lamp in a contemporary key.

This elegant, understated object in classic white Carrara marble is the incarnation of timeless design that evokes the gentleness of centuries gone by, but will also be perfectly at home in a twenty-first century environment.


Pietra L10 Vases

How do you improve on something that is already as perfect as a flower? Perhaps by just adding a simple element to put the spotlight on it and showcase its inherent beauty. In fact, the very same philosophy we adopt when it comes to working with natural stone.

And what better example than our Pietra L10 series of vases, with their base in gorgeous natural stone paired with lead crystal glass to create a deceptively simple piece of design that is not only highly practical but also an absolute pleasure to look at. Available in three sizes, and perfect for a single flower, an artistic arrangement of greenery or even for holding fruit, this is a versatile and stylish gift.


Gravity Paperweight

Designed by Gabriele Salvatori, Gravity is the perfect example of how the simplest shape can become a piece of design when creativity is combined with skilled craftsmanship and a gorgeous raw material.

Whether used as a paperweight or an ornament, this is a piece that showcases the extraordinarily tactile nature of stone. The perfectly balanced sphere of cool marble in white Carrara or inky black Nero Marquinia simply asks to be touched and caressed.

It also expresses its designer’s vision of a seemingly simple object that contrasts the absolute purity of shape with the imperfections of the stone’s veins, flaws that are to be cherished, because they are testament to the uniqueness of every single piece of marble.

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