Choosing a stone bathroom floor: 5 indispensable rules



Do you need to renovate or refurbish your bathroom and don't know which floor to choose? Discover the 5 indispensable rules for the perfect choice.

5 rules for choosing the perfect bathroom floor

Whether you are renovating an existing house or furnishing a new one, choosing the right floor is always a crucial step. This applies to the whole house, but choosing the right floor for the bathroom is really key: in fact because of the characteristics of this room, the floor has to meet a variety of requirements that the living room, for example, does not.

Taking into consideration all the factors involved may not be easy and may discourage those who have to find the right floor: that is why we have selected 5 valuable rules, combined with as many beautiful examples of total look Salvatori styles, to help you choose the perfect floor for your bathroom.


Why you need to choose the right bathroom floor

As we have already mentioned, the bathroom is a very special environment and this requires more specific attention when choosing the right type of floor. The reason for its uniqueness is to be found in the activities that take place within it.

The modern bathroom is a highly multifunctional environment, within which it must be possible to carry out both fast-paced activities, such as applying make-up or brushing your teeth, and slower-paced activities, such as taking a relaxing bath in the tub.

As well as having to respect this dual nature, the bathroom floor is a surface that has to be able to respond to moisture and use, while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing appearance. What are the 5 essential rules for choosing the perfect bathroom floor? Let’s find out together.


Choose a durable material

As we have already mentioned, the bathroom is a particularly busy room. For this reason, the first and most important rule when it comes to deciding which floor to install is to think about its resistance: this element must be able to easily withstand contact with water and shocks.

The undisputed winner for bathroom floors and wall tiles has always been natural stone: beautiful and extremely durable, its installation guarantees an investment over time. At Salvatori we have always been convinced of the value of this material and have specialised in creating innovative textures that revolutionise the look of stone.

A perfect example of our commitment can be found in this lovely bathroom, for which we wanted to recreate a perfect Scandinavian style. The use of wood is predominant in this type of bathroom, but we needed to maintain the idea of a leak-proof floor, so we used our innovative Stone Parquet in Pietra d’Avola to create a perfect wood effect bathroom. Its dark tones set off the Alfeo washbasin and Romboo Bianco Carrara wall tiles to perfection. The result achieved is a bathroom with the warmth of wood and the durability of stone.


Consider the colour depending on your bathroom

Finding the right bathroom floor covering is not only a matter of selecting the material, but also of choosing the colour of the floor: deciding between a light and a dark floor can lead to very different effects.

White has always been one of the most popular choices: especially if it is made with tiles with simple textures, this floor can give a lot of light to the room, even in the case of small bathrooms. Dark floors have also become fashionable in recent years, in large bathrooms daring to use deep colours and unusual textures is ideal for an infusion of style.

In this large bathroom, to add character we have created a bespoke finish in Pietra d’Avola Lost Stones: the precious veins in anodised gold rise from the floor and run along all the walls. This material, together with the washbasin, the mirror, the modular drawers and the accessories of the Anima line in matching stone, has the capacity to create a calm and harmonious environment.


Consider the decor of the bathroom as a whole

Perfect bathroom design requires you to consider the entirety of the ambiance: a harmonious space is certainly much more beautiful and elegant. For this reason, when deciding which floor to install, it is always a good idea to consider everything that populates the room: from the wall coverings to the individual furniture components, to create a unified and non-discordant bathroom environment.

When designing the bathroom, it is a good idea, for example, to choose a delicate floor when the bathroom décor has a strong character, and viceversa to install a floor with a strong impact when the décor is neutral.

In this bathroom permeated by the light colours of Bianco Carrara, we once again used our Stone Parquet to highlight the large Balnea pedestal washbasins and the Ikona stool in Guatemala Green. To complete, the use of linear Mirari mirrors, simple Fontane Bianche accessories and the wall in elegant Plissé tie together perfectly with the floor, creating a wonderfully balanced environment.


Choose a functional floor

As well as being durable, your bathroom floor should also be highly functional. Specifically, it should be easy to clean and preferably non-slip.

In fact, due to water stagnation and frequent use, scaling and stains are often daily occurrences. At the same time, in order to exit the shower or bathtub safely, it is better not to install floors that are too slippery.

For this minimalist environment, we have selected one of our most iconic textures: Stone Tatami Crema d’Orcia Select. Its special surface texture increases the friction of the stone even further so that you can exit the Anima freestanding bathtub safely.

Simultaneously the intrinsic qualities of natural stone allow for very simple maintenance using warm water and neutral soap.

The elegant appearance of this floor, combined with the walls with Pietra d’Avola inserts, perfectly completes the space, creating a beautiful, safe, and easy to maintain beige bathroom: the perfect synthesis of design and functionality.


Choose a beautiful floor

The last, but my no means least important, rule concerns the aesthetic side of the floor. The bathroom today is a proper environment, not just a place of service, and as with any room its appearance must be taken care of down to the last detail. The modern bathroom is a beautiful space, offering refuge and shelter from the stress of the outside world.

Choosing an aesthetically pleasing floor covering is just as important as choosing a durable one. Marble has always proved to be a perfect synthesis of these two aspects: its unique and unrepeatable veining has been seducing mankind for thousands of years.

In the example we are proposing here we have relied upon the unique veining of our Silk Georgette® to create an unusual and elegant bathroom floor. Flanked by the refinement of the Levigato floor, the Infinito texture of the wall, the Vasco pedestal washbasins and the TABL-EAU towel rail create a delicate and relaxing ambience. The touch of colour given by the Giallo Siena of the Ikona stool helps to complete this beautiful bathroom.

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