Architect Marco Carini talks about his Leaf Sound villa project



Discover the inspiration behind architect Marco Carini’s vision for this oasis of design in his own words

Tucked away in the heart of the Northern Italian wine area of Franciacorta is a villa that seamlessly merges with its natural environment. Called Leaf Sound, it sits in a beautiful clearing, surrounded by century-old trees.

Architect Marco Carini’s vision for the design was to create something that was in perfect harmony with the incredible location and the result is a very special home featuring wood, glass and our stone.


Can you tell us in your own words a little about the project. What was the inspiration behind the design?

The design came about quite spontaneously when I visited the site, which was in the middle of the woods, and realised that the only place for the villa was a clearing where there were no trees. And so, together with the owner, we decided to design a house that could be described as one more tree.

At that point, it more or less became an automatic choice to build it almost entirely in glass. “No inside, no outside” became the motto. I think that if you’re in the middle of the woods you should be able to enjoy “living” them and being a part of them throughout every moment of the day. In the same way, you should be able to feel connected even if some of the family is upstairs, in the sense that you want to be able to sense peoples’ movement, as well as enjoy the sun as it rises and then the last rays of light as it sets.

Just as with plants, light gives us life. It brings a home to life through the sun, which brings energy throughout the entire day. There’s a kind of poetry when a ray caresses the materials of the home and the warmth is like an embrace.


What particularly appeals about the Salvatori products you chose?

A natural house needs balance and harmony. From an almost holistic vision point of view, I see Salvatori as representing the earth, one of the five elements of Oriental philosophy. Its depth, its vibrations. Stone to accompany you to the highest part of the villa, to embrace the water and shower rituals, or as the basic element for where food is prepared. The energy it gives to your body. And then, as the background for reading, something that combines with the colour of your clothing, is the least common denominator for the seasons. These are the reasons behind the products I chose for the villa’s interior.


Why did you choose Salvatori?

Because I make my choices in life by instinct, based on love. Especially when it comes to such an intimate, profound aspect of life such as a home. And also, because I share Salvatori’s values.

How did you find the experience of working with Salvatori?

Working with Salvatori was easy, a deep and understanding partnership.

Is the client happy with the end result?

The client is delighted, not just happy. They felt as though they weren’t just a client, but were working with a company that brought their dream to life.


And, a final question that is a little off-topic, but are you happy to share your 10 favourite songs that you listen to when you’re designing or looking for inspiration?

I like the idea of a soundtrack for every project. For Leaf Villa the song I listened to most was "My Song" by Keith Jarret, and here are the others:

  • "Blackbird" by The Beatles, sung by Brad Mehldau
  • "Water from an Ancient Well", Abdullah Ibrahim
  • "Blue Rhapsody" by Gershwin
  • "This Little Light of Mine" by Thelonious Monk
  • The Jon Hendricks bossa nova version of “The Duck (O Pato)”
  • The super-lively "Day Tripper" by The Beatles sung by Ramsey Lewis
  • The lovely delicate "Back in Bahia" duet by Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil
  • "Nosso Chao" by Duo Taufic
  • The rare and almost impossible to find version of "Something" by The Beatles , with Stefano Bollani on the piano

Architecture: Marco Carini
Photography: Fausto Mazza

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