An interior design showroom experience, Salvatori style



We look forward to welcoming you for an unforgettable experience that encompasses Made in Italy design excellence and craftmanship.

Discover the wonder of natural stone at first hand in our interior design showrooms

We’d love to welcome you to a Salvatori flagship showroom, located in Milan, London and New York.

Our vision for every showroom is that it is not merely a place for displaying our products, but is a more immersive concept where every visitor can understand our philosophy of understated luxury and enjoy what we call the “Salvatori Experience”.

It’s also a way to appreciate how our heritage of working with natural stone for over 70 years combines with an innovative approach to create spaces designed to stimulate the imagination and provide inspiring interior design ideas.


Our interior design showrooms in Milan, London and New York

Three cities, each indelibly associated with outstanding design and three showrooms where visitors find original and inspiring décor solutions for the living room, bathroom and outdoors.

Our Milan showroom, located in a picturesque courtyard of the city’s famed Brera design district, was designed by Piero Lissoni. Just around the corner is the Salvatori Boutique, our first retail outlet created exclusively for the sale of our Home Collection.

The London showroom is situated in a listed building on the corner of Wigmore and Wimpole Streets in the heart of the West End. With design by Piero Lissoni and Elisa Ossino, it is a fascinating space over two floors, fill of enticing niches and unusually-shaped rooms.

The third flagship showroom, opened less than one year ago, is at 102 Wooster Street in New York’s SoHo, one of the city’s liveliest and most artistic neighbourhoods. Designed in collaboration with Yabu Pushelberg, it epitomises the understated elegance and clean lines that are the essence of the Salvatori design approach.

Every room in this historic building is decorated in such a way that visitors feel that they are entering a series of micro-worlds.


A sensorial tour of materials and design

When you enter a Salvatori showroom, you find yourself in an atmosphere that invites you to discover and explore. Every Salvatori home can be seen as a journey via textures, colours and objects for the various rooms of a home, inside and out.

From the timeless fascination of our natural stones, including Gris du Marais® marble and Silk Georgette® limestone, to elegant floor tiles such as Lost Stones and Stone Parquet, every element has been carefully chosen to demonstrate the versatility and aesthetic appeal of our products.

We believe natural stone is an extremely tactile material and our products are designed to highlight this aspect. Washbasins such as those from the Balnea and Anima collections have an almost sculpture look and feel, inviting visitors to touch them, as do our tables, including those from the Dritto and “Design for Soul” families.

Our Flirt chairs, Curl chaise longue and Ikona stools combine the beauty of natural stone and other materials with streamlined, modern forms, making them ideal for a welcoming, contemporary décor scheme.

Then of course we have our home accessories, a vast collection that includes designer trays, platters, mirrors, lights and much more. Every piece is designed to bring a touch of Made in Italy flair and style, transforming an ordinary space into something sophisticated and original.


The Salvatori Experience is a source of inspiring home interior design ideas

Visitors to our showrooms find themselves immersed in the “Salvatori Experience”, in other words, a journey into our design world where natural stone reigns supreme. We believe that stone is already an incredible material, so we simply aim to give it a simple but original twist.

Our starting point is understanding what our customers want and we relish the opportunity to help them fully develop their design visions and bring them to life.
Our products combine function and form, and we provide interior design ideas for all rooms of the house, including the living room, combining materials, textures and colours to create welcoming, on-trend spaces.

We take design seriously, and so we offer a comprehensive range of services to ensure every customer is completely delighted with the final result once their Salvatori product is installed. If you wish, we will provide advice and support throughout the entire process, from helping you choose the right products through to the final details.


Personalised assistance and free consultation

We are not fans of the “one size fits all” approach. Our showroom staff are committed to providing bespoke advice and helping architects, interior designers and design lovers select the products that are most suited to their style and the requirements of the space in question.

We also provide practical support during the installation phase, with many of our products designed using a Plug&Play approach that simplifies the process.

On our website you can find an extensive resource library packed with detailed instruction manuals, video tutorials and technical specification documents designed to remove any potential pitfalls or doubts.

Last but not least, we offer a turnkey service in the UK and Italy, with Salvatori-trained and certified experts available to manage installation right down to the smallest detail.

In conclusion, Salvatori flagship showrooms are much more than places displaying our products. They are spaces where creativity and innovation combine with tradition and craftmanship, where visitors can enjoy an immersive “Salvatori Experience” and find inspiring ideas for original, timeless décors.

We look forward to welcoming you next time you’re in Milan, London or New York!

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