5 key bathroom tile trends for 2023



A new year always brings new things, including the latest trends in bathroom tiles. Take a look at the top 5 looks for 2023

5 key bathroom tile trends for 2023

As one year transforms into another, of course many of us make resolutions that often relate to changes in our lifestyle, and can range from exercise regime to looking for a new job or car or even moving home. But, often it’s easiest to keep a resolution if it’s not too daunting, so if changing address completely seems too difficult, giving a room or two a design makeover is a great way to freshen up your daily life.

The key is to opt for a look that is both contemporary and destined to last as trends come and go. And, understated elegance never goes out of fashion, an approach that can also be applied to the bathroom. We have 5 trends that are destined to become big hits in 2023 throughout the world.


The natural look

Neutral tones that sit between beige and grey, wooden details and plants. There’s no doubt that more and more designs play off the importance of forging a link with nature and this is a bathroom trend that is definitely destined to stay. It’s all about a warm, soothing effect, and whether it’s the use of a palette of delicate colours or the hints of the outdoors, natural-look tiles create a welcoming atmosphere no matter how cold the climate.

The decor possibilities are numerous, but one thing to try and avoid in the bathroom is laying wooden tiles, because they will react over time to the inevitable water that gets on them. That said, there’s no need to forsake a gorgeous wooden look on the floor. The solution is at hand in the form of Stone Parquet, with tiles that combine the charm of wooden parquet with the durability and hardwearing properties of natural stone.

Add your touches of nature with wooden drawers or shelves, small decorations and a shot of greenery to emphasise the “green” effect and create a miniature oasis within the walls of your home.


Total white bathroom

Bathroom trends often turn to the past for inspiration, reinterpreting looks that were once in vogue and bringing them up to date. The classic example of this is the all-white bathroom with tiles and sanitaryware all in the same colour. This is a perfect solution for small or poorly-lit bathrooms because it amplifies the perception of space and lightens it visually. There is no such thing as too much white in this case, as you can literally use it from top to toe, including the ceiling, and you know that you are going to end up with clean lines and an uncluttered effect.

That said however, the last thing you want is to end up with a stark, sterile result, so the trick is to add a few splashes of colour in terms of accessories or even items such as towels. Another solution is to play with the shape and texture of the tiles you choose, for example using a different textured tile for the shower or using tiles as a kind of boiserie on the bottom half of the walls so that you create a contrast with the upper wall area.

We offer around 20 textured tiles in Bianco Carrara white marble, so we invite you to look on our website for inspiration if you are thinking about a total white bathroom.


Be daring and opt for hexagonal tiles

Colour is not the only important factor to consider when it comes to bathroom tiles. Shape plays a major part and this is something that the latest trends definitely demonstrate, with unusual forms that go beyond the standard squares and rectangles. One of the key tile shapes for 2023 is the hexagon.

Geometric tiles can be applied to the entire wall surface or they can be used sparingly to create a feature wall, which will add interest to the entire space. This is particularly effective in larger bathrooms where you can choose to put the focus on certain zones such as a spa area or make-up counter.

A great example that makes a stunning impact is our Romboo, an original texture that creates hexagonal shapes by placing three small diamond tiles together. Add the magic ingredient of lighting and the result is a striking three-dimensional effect. Aesthetics apart, what’s also nice to know about this texture is that it is made from offcuts of our Bamboo finish, meaning that it has a sustainable element to it.


Creating patterned effects with bathroom tiles

Obviously, the laying pattern will also make a significant contribution to the overall effect, and here we see the revival of another old trend which is the use of black and white tiles for bathrooms walls and floors.

But how can we bring this classic laying pattern up to date? The first solution is to choose tiles that already feature a pattern, meaning that once they are laid next to each the design is amplified and repeated.

However, there is another solution that doesn’t call for patterned tiles. Many interior designers like to play with different coloured tiles to create a motif and of course, the colours chosen are key. The pairing of black and white or even dark brown and white always creates a sense of drama and a decisive look, whereas lighter or more neutral colours tend to result in a softer, more contemporary feel.


Marble and other stone tiles

Last, but not least, we come to a trend that for us is not a trend, but a timeless approach, and this is the return to vogue of marble or other stone tiles for the bathroom. Natural stone is the perfect material for bathrooms because not only does it deliver a beautiful aesthetic, it is also practical.

The trick is to stay away from glossy finishes and choose matt finishes, which is very much the philosophy we have adopted for over seven decades.

We are also big fans of neutral colours and here too, you can make your choice, safe in the knowledge that they are bang on trend, particularly right now the cool urban grey tones of Grigio Versilia and the warm greige of Silk Georgette®, an elegant limestone with unconventional swathes of veining.

Remember however, that whichever type of natural stone you choose, we are dealing with a material that is ultimately slightly porous so you need to always ensure that it is accompanied by a protective sealant to ensure it stands up to constant exposure to water. That said, it’s a hardwearing material that is ideal for bathroom and should stand the test of time for decades if not longer.

We have shared 5 bathroom tile trends that are set to set 2023 alight. As we so often say to our clients, while it’s important to keep abreast of what’s in vogue, you need to also think about what will still feel fresh and relevant in five or ten years, which is why we develop products and looks that are all about timeless, understated elegance. If that sounds like your style, we’d love to help you design your dream bathroom, so why not get in touch and talk to our experts about bringing Made in Italy quality and flair to your 2023 bathroom makeover!

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