The majestic beauty of Turin


Soft, beguiling tones run throughout the home, creating a visual continuum

The original capital of Italy, Turin is an often-underrated city, yet it is brimming with magical corners and gracious buildings. Beneath its enigmatic sky, history and innovation have kept step with each other throughout the centuries, making it one of the country’s leading industrial and cultural hubs. The historic centre, with its wide open spaces and avenues, is lined with imposing facades that afford glimpses of glorious frescoed ceilings and elegant interiors. Among these, if you crane your head, you may be able to spot a loft apartment that has had a contemporary makeover in Salvatori style.

Much of Turin’s fascination lies in its jagged, mystical beauty that is not easy to define. In homage to this nonconventional aesthetic, we chose Silk Georgette® as the predominant stone for the apartment, finding a certain affinity in its unusual waves of veining and colour palette that ranges from grey to beige. Its soft, beguiling tones run throughout the home, creating a visual continuum across floors and walls in every room.

To sit in the living room and sip your first coffee surrounded by Honed and Bamboo Silk Georgette® as you contemplate the dramatic tapering form of Turin’s most famous landmark, the Antonelliana Mole, through the oversize windows, is the perfect start to the day.

Every item of furniture has been selected to contribute to the serene, soothing atmosphere, such as the pair of Omphalos coffee tables in Bianco Carrara. Despite their solidity, they seem to hover just above the ground, fostering a sensation of lightness and wellbeing.

Inspired by such surroundings, it doesn’t take long for the positive energy to charge through your veins, ensuring you’re out the door and wandering among the monuments of the Quadrilatero Romano area or steeping yourself in the culture of another era inside the Egyptian Museum.

When you’ve had your fill of monuments and artifacts, a relaxing walk in one of Turin’s wonderful green spaces beckons, such as the Valentino Park. Stretching alongside the Po River, it is not only a verdant oasis but also home to the Botanic Gardens Museum, a number of al fresco works of art and a replica medieval village.

If you then decide it’s time for a refreshment break, a stone’s throw from the park is San Salvario, a vibrant neighbourhood full of independent coffee shops, quirky wine bars and lively bars.

Walking the streets of Turin with its constant calls for your attention and admiration is rewarding but tiring, so it’s important to be able to return to a sanctuary where you can recharge your batteries but which is in keeping with the quiet beauty you have left outside. With your Silk Georgette®-clad loft, it’s the most natural of transitions, whichever room you find yourself in.

In the study, for example, the floor in classic honed Silk Georgette® pairs seamlessly with walls in our Bamboo texture to create the perfect backdrop to the two main items of furniture that lend sophisticated confidence to the room. The ‘Design for Soul’ table in Bianco Carrara takes centre stage, but the eye is also quickly drawn to the Colonnata bookcase with its array of books and carefully-selected accessories.

The bathroom, more than any room, represents a haven where you have time to contemplate and unwind. Here, the Punto vanity unit combines Silk Georgette® and ash wood while the walls of the generously-proportioned shower zone are in Infinito, with taps and fittings from the Spaghetti collection. The clean lines of the layout and the gentle, almost mesmerising wave-like pattern of the stone make for an atmosphere that is luxurious and supremely restful.


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