An urban sanctuary in Greenwich Village


A place where elegance, modernity and romantic spirit meet

Tucked away in the heart of Greenwich Village is a stunning home that channels the essence of Manhattan’s hidden jewel of a neighbourhood. The atmosphere you breathe in as you stroll the cobbled streets and admire the archetypal redbrick residences is reflected in the home’s interior where traditional and modern interior design elements are artfully combined.

Waking up to soft rays of sun filtering through the oversize windows and shafts of light dancing upon the elegant furnishings is the perfect start to your day. You make your way to the dining room to enjoy a leisurely breakfast seated on a Flirt chair at the mighty Taula table and prepare for the day ahead, enjoying your moment of calm, surrounded by the warm tones of the Stone Parquet flooring in Imperiale travertine and the Spaghetti wood-panelled walls.

You step out into the street and soak up the neighbourhood’s special vibe as you meander along Bleecker Street, passing high-fashion boutiques and art galleries and iconic architecture. After a light but tasty lunch, it’s time to nourish your artistic side so perhaps today is the right moment to visit the Whitney Museum of American Art and immerse yourself in the world of American contemporary art. For wine lovers, there are plenty of enticing wine bars to tempt you to try their finest wares, or maybe you choose to catch the early show at the New York outpost of the acclaimed Blue Note Jazz Club.

Returning home after a rewarding day exploring the Village and all it has to offer, it’s time to enjoy a long, relaxing soak in your Bianco Carrara marble Oyster bathtub, the undisputed star of your Salvatori master bathroom. The benefits of colour in interior design and their ability to create the right mood are put into perfect practice here, with the cool white of the Stone Parquet flooring counteracted by the warmth of the Spaghetti boiserie in Coffee Oak. The result is a soothing, inviting sanctuary, that transports you far away from the hustle and bustle of New York City.

Another key interior design principle is to use natural elements to foster a sense of wellbeing, so what better than a beautiful fireplace in the bathroom? Flickering flames and the magical properties of hot water are a match made in heaven when it comes to total relaxation.

And on the subject of bathrooms, guests are also spoilt, with a stunning space defined by the elegant greige tones of Silk Georgette® limestone. The best interior designers understand the importance of combining natural materials to create a harmonious atmosphere, and here we see the results with the Coffee Oak wood drawers of the Hito vanity unit providing a warm counterpoint to the Silk Georgette® and Pietra d’Avola stone.

Texture is another key element when it comes to décor, and our Patchwork finish has been used to great effect in the handy niche that serves as a dressing area between the wet room and basin area and creates the idea of a private spa.

A striking sliding glass door leads to a wonderfully spacious wet room, encapsulating the concept of space as a luxury. The Filo shower tray in sandblasted Gris du Marais® provides a gentle chromatic contrast without dominating, while the Spaghetti shower rose and tapware complete the Salvatori total look of this inviting, elegant space.

This beautiful Greenwich Village home is a textbook example of how to bring the various elements of interior design together through an artful harmony of colours, textures and materials to create a welcoming environment that fits seamlessly into the cultural and architectural context of the neighbourhood. Every single furniture and furnishing has been selected with meticulous care, transforming an apartment into a haven of luxury, comfort and serenity.


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