Salvatori Designer Centre

Salvatori Design Centre

"Dreaming is the first step to achieving something"

Within the Salvatori Design Centre is a diverse group of talented artists and architects who are behind many of our signature products.

Under the guidance of our CEO and Creative Director Gabriele Salvatori, the team are constantly engaged in developing and designing products that meet the Salvatori brand criteria of elegance, functionality and sustainability.

While many of our products are the result of wonderful collaborations with leading international names, a number of perennial favourites were devised by our in-house team.

Bamboo, for example, is the brainchild of Gabriele himself, inspired by a meal in a Japanese restaurant in New York at the turn of the Millennium as he absentmindedly studied the placemat in front of him. Lithoverde®, the world’s first recycled stone texture, is another groundbreaking product that emerged from our headquarters in Northern Tuscany, just a few miles away from the inspiring Apuan Alps, home to the revered Bianco Carrara marble.

We have long believed that natural stone is a beautiful material that requires only an innovative twist to transform it into a stunning texture, item of furniture or accessory and this is the starting point for the Salvatori Design Centre.

While stone remains our core material, over the years we have combined it with others such as metal and wood, resulting in designer accessories such as the Quadro mirror and Gravity paperweight series. Our vision of design for the home also encompasses our sense of smell, resulting in the creation of our series of fragrances.

Romboo, Chevron, Infinito and Cotone are textures that are the fruit of the Salvatori Design Centre, as are classic staples such as our Stiletto basin, Filo Flush shower range and the versatile Oyster bathtub which allows you to create a bespoke designer bathtub.

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